Sunday, April 29, 2012

Story@home Conf

 On March 9th and 10th I went to a Story@home Conference with Connie in Salt Lake City.  Connie actually ran a contest on her blog and I was lucky enough to win a ticket.  It was a really nice conference with wonderful speakers.
 Since blogging is one way to tell a story there were lots of bloggers there.  Here is a group of us that were all Connie's friends.  I had fun meeting them.
 Little Grady, who is now with his Heavenly Father, was at the conference with his Mommy and Grandma.  What a sweet little baby.  We all joked about him holding a bag of chips already.  Little did we know how short his days here would be. I still think about him all the time and pray for his dear family.  Just a few short weeks after that the granddaughter of the gal next to me in the above photo was born and died the same day.  We just never know how long we have on this earth.  Thank goodness for the Plan of Salvation.  Thank goodness that Heavenly Father planned for us to be able to live for ever and for families to be forever.  I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and for His atoning sacrifice.  I am so thankful for a gospel of love and hope.
 Connie and I went to dinner and I had this yummy salad and soup.  It's been so long ago that now I can't even remember what kind of soup it was.

 The Joseph Smith building at Temple Square is so ornate and so beautiful.
 This gal was so funny.  She was my favorite speaker.  I thought for sure I would remember her name, but alas, I have forgotten it too.
One story she told was from her childhood.  They were quite poor and didn't have much money, but about once a month or so they would give the 3 children a handful of pennies and sent them to the store to buy candy.  The 3 children, including the storyteller, linked arms and walked to the store discussing all the candy that was there, what kind would they buy, how it would taste, etc.  When they got to the store it took quite a while for the selection to be made.  Finally, they would select all the candy, pay for it, and then they would slowly walk home eating the candy, savoring each little bite, tasting each other's candy, and enjoying the afternoon.  She said when they got home the Dad was always whistling on the porch and the Mother was always singing.  As they got older, they wondered why the parents were always so happy on the penny candy days.  Then when she was an older teen she finally got it:  "Oh, no wonder they were happy.  They had those few hours all to themselves while all the kids were gone."  And so, she wrote a song dedicated to her parents called "Penny Candy Love".
She had lots of other fun stories to share.
 Here we are with her and another group of bloggers.  The pretty girl on the right end is one of Connie's other daughters.
 The purpose of the conference was to encourage everyone to "write their stories".  Each of us has a story or stories to tell.  Each story is important to your family and to your posterity.  Each story is of great value.  And so each of us needs to begin recording our stories.  I plan to start recording some of my stories too in upcoming blogs.

 A photo of carpet in one of the chapels.

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So glad you were able to go. It sounds like it must have been so inspiring.