Thursday, April 5, 2012


 This is our cute, little roomate.  Who wouldn't want to spend time with her?  She is delightful.
Yesterday our day began with a visit to the Visitor's Center in Palmyra located right by the hill Cumorah.  I love this statue of the Christus.  The message that Christ came to all the world is always so beautiful and touches my soul.
 I loved the paintings depicting Christ's ministry.  Here he is giving his famous sermon to the people.
 In the temple.
 It is wonderful to travel with Lana and her dear family.  Well, part of their family.  I sure wish Dani, Sierra, and Jenna were here with us.
 Here is a statue of Joseph Smith receiving the first vision.
 A replica of the golden plates.

 I am always so impressed that both the Bible and the Book of Mormon testify of Christ.  These two books complement each other so well.

 Our current prophet Thomas S. Monson.  But we must always remember that Christ is at the head of our church and no other.
 At the top of the hill is a monument with a statue of Moroni on it.  It is to commemorate the place where Joseph found the golden plates.  This shot is from the top of the hill.  It is sooooooo high.  I was surprised at how high it really is.  I guess even though Joseph said that the hill was of considerable size and the highest one around, I never expected it to be so high.  Part way down on the grass are some of our party and that is just a little ways down.
 The monument
 A view from the top.

 Here we are.  I can't believe I actually made it to the very top.  It was very hard for me, but I did it.  Papa helped me too.  :)   The kids, however, ran up the hill and rolled down several times while I was walking up.

Rob, our faithful navigator and fact giver. 

Next we drove to the Palmyra Temple, but unfortunately it was closed for cleaning.

 Papa gave little lectures throughout the trip that were very informative.  I was amazed at how much the littles know about the gospel and church history.  Each tour that we took the guides asked the littles  questions and they almost always knew the answers.  Very impressive.

After the temple, we went to the Sacred Grove.  It is also quite large and one can travel for a very long time or a short time.  Everyone chose the long except for me.  I got to wait for them and walk at my own pace, sit and ponder and pray.  It is amazing to think that one of the 2 most significant events in the history of man took place in this area.  Christ's sacrifice, atonement and resurrection is one and the other is Joseph Smith seeing God the Father and Jesus Christ His son and the restoration of the original church here upon the earth.

Then we went to the Joseph Smith Farm.  It is a little place and very simple.  Here the home the Smith family moved to after having 3 years of crop failure.  It was here that Joseph studied the Bible and was inspired of God to ask which church was true?

The view of the Sacred Grove from the Smith home.

I really like the cute high chair.  I can just picture those cute little babies sitting in it and happily laughing.
It was in this room (right side of the room or left????) where Joseph first had a visit from Moroni.

Hand hewn log fence.
This is the A-frame house on the farm.
These stenciled, canvas rugs are like the ones Mother Smith (Lucy Mack) made to fancy up her home and to make extra money.
Once when the mob was after Joseph and the plates, he and the family hid them under these very bricks. The men never looked there and the plates were safe.  Another time he hid the plates between two  of the girls in their bed.  They were not disturbed.

This tree was planted in memory of Alvin and is over 200 years old.

The barn.

The Coopery.  Once the mob was after the plates again.  This time they were hidden in the rafters.  The mobsters ripped up the floor and entire room, but never looked up in the rafters and so once again the plates were miraculously protected.
The was used to carry rocks.  It was pulled by horses.
The E.B. Grandin Printing Shop where the first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon were printed.

The Peter Whitmer Farm in Waterloo N.Y. is much more grand.

The rooms were much larger and it was very well built with a high ceiling.  I thought it was so interesting to learn that the higher the ceiling, the higher were the taxes.

The Visitor's Center at the Whitmer Farm.  We had a full day full of lots of instruction and we experiences many emotional and spiritual feelings.


Tera said...

We live about 3 1/2 hours from Palmyra (we moved here last summer). We have been talking about making the trip this next summer, but seeing all your pictures and all there is to do, makes me really want to make sure we get there with the kids!

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

I love reading about your journey. Plus all the pictures. :) Thanks for sharing all the fun you have. Love it!

Now I want to go see it for myself.

Yvonne said...

It is such an amazing place to visit. (I think every member should have the chance to go. You can't walk on the grounds of the Sacred Grove without feeling something) I loved reading your explanation of everything--would love to hear your husband share.

And, I am not one bit surprised that the little ones know so much. They are always being taught by their wonderful parents.