Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On our way

 We left this morning for Palmyra.  We stopped here in Pennsylvania and had a little picnic lunch.  The trip was great.  Everyone was pleasant.  The kids behaved so well. The drive was so beautiful and the conversation was good too.  It is wonderful to be with Lana and her family.
 We saw lots of beautiful trees in bloom.
We got to the hotel and the first room we were in had bad plumbing and 2 bedrooms, but only 1 bathroom.  We transferred to 2 adjacent rooms.  We couldn't get in.  Our key wouldn't work.  After 2 different sets of keys that didn't work, the attendant came up.  She couldn't get it to work either, so she gave her real keys instead of the card keys.  Then we couldn't get the adjoining door open.  It still is jammed shut.  Oh well,  it's okay.  The kids and I went to the jacuzzi while Lana sat out.  Later Rob went with the kids.  Finally, we got all settled in our rooms,  had our devotion and scripture reading together and we are now very ready for bed.

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nikko said...

Sounds like fun! Have a great trip!