Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Have We Been Doing This Week?

 We arrived home from Oregon late Sunday night or rather Monday morning about 1:30 a.m.  We dropped off A and Y and baby Reggie who was the best traveler ever.  He never cried the entire 14 hr plus trip.  He did get tired, but he was a real trooper.  He was smiling and happy all day long.  We did get out a couple of times to let him stretch his legs, but our stops were never very long.  In fact, we all had to stop to take little breaks.  Sierra had been watching Val and Ryan's kids for the weekend. They are on a cruise for their 15th Wedding Anniversary.  I hope they're having a wonderful time.
Our job this week is to take care of the kids.  They are doing amazingly well.  Monday J and I made the above shredded wheat nests for FHE treat.  She did all of the work.  I was just the helper.
 Everyone participated and behaved very well for the evening.
 J set up the table and the room and got everything just right.
 M liked wearing Papa's glasses.  She also performed for us.  What a great little dancer and gymnast she is.
 The boys showed us their muscles.
 M conducted FHE.
 J was Papa's assistant and asked the questions and gave out cookies if the answer was correct.
 The kids were very attentive and everyone participated.

 Papa gave a great lesson.
V left a daily sheet for me of all the activities we had to do with the kids.  Thursday's list is above.  Each day was very, very busy.  I don't know how she gets everything done everyday.  On top of that her home is always immaculate and her meals are delicious.  I'm already a little tired and it's only Thursday, but I am really enjoying this time with the kids.  I think I'm tired today because I have a sore throat.  Hope no one else gets it.

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