Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter FHE

 Today Lana invited 4 families from their ward to come over for FHE and an Easter egg hunt.  Lana, G, and I made cupcakes which we then had G decorate.  She had a lot of fun and I think they turned out so cute.

 H and Lana made these little nests out of shredded wheat and little Easter eggs.  They were the big hit of the night.

 After a great dinner which everyone contributed to, Papa gave a very wonderful lesson on Easter, the atonement and the resurrection.  Everyone listed so attentively, even the little tiny people.  Then we had an Easter egg hunt.  I tried to take photos, but the kids were everywhere and they were so fast that it was kinda hard to get a good shot.

I'm certain everyone had a great time.  How can it be otherwise with good friends, lots of kids to play with, good food, a great lesson and easter eggs to hunt for with goodies inside to eat.


Yvonne said...

Fun times together.

I know you are having a great time and I am so glad. ENJOY each and every minute.

Tera said...

You guys have such a wonderful family! You spend so much time with all your kids and grandkids...they are all so blessed!