Friday, April 20, 2012


 One of our best JA's from France came to the USA for a visit.  We were lucky enough to have her come and stay with us for several days.  We sure enjoyed her.  She is a darling girl and comfortable everywhere.  Everyone really likes her and it is just fun to have her around.  All of my little grandkids were crazy about her.  She was so sweet and friendly to them and she also speaks perfect English.  We decided to have a get together on Saturday night with some of the returned missionaries that she is friends with.  Natacha, John, and I spent several hours making crepes.  We had 3 pans going.  She also made Bechamel sauce, which I have got to learn to make the  authentic way.  She does it perfectly.  The others brought food too and we sure had a good time getting together again.
I was glad that Sierra came too, but she didn't have much chance to socialize because these 3 young men monopolized her time.    Andrew, S, Greg and Kenny.
                 Logan, Soeur Christensen ( but now she's married), Brooke, Camille and her boyfriend.
                                                      Natacha and Abbey
                                           Jacob who has been home only a couple of months.

 There were a few others, but I didn't get their picture.  Anyway, we had a great time.  It's so much fun to see these young people, returned missionaries, doing so well.  It's wonderful to find out what they're studying, what jobs they are working at meanwhile, what profession they want to have when they finish school, and how they're doing in general.  Several of them are teaching at the MTC.  Some are going to BYU.  Others are attending UVU.  Some are in Utah. Others are other places.  It's great to keep up with their lives.
                                We always have to have a silly picture just like in the mission.

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