Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Trip to Oregon

 We came home from Maryland on Wednesday afternoon after getting up at 4:00 in the morning and leaving before the sun came out for the airport.  We had time to do a little laundry and get ready to leave the next morning for Oregon.  We got up at the crack of dawn again and drove for 14 hours with Andrea, Yoho and little Reggie.  The baby was so good in the car.  I couldn't believe it.  What a great little traveler.  There was no crying or fussing at all.    This is what we drove through in Lassen Forest.
 As we drove the snow got heavier and heavier.  I was so glad I was not the driver.
 John's brother and sister and their spouses from France came for a final visit with Marie Jeanne their sister who is now living in Oregon and not doing well at all.  John really wanted to see them, but we were supposed to start babysitting for Val's children on Friday while they went on  a cruise.  Luckily, Sierra babysat for us for the week-end so we could go for a very, very quick trip.   Sadly, oh so sadly Marie Jeanne's mind is just about gone.  She does not even remember her own children.  Physically she is doing pretty well although she cannot walk too much, but mentally, no.  Alzheimer's is such a horrible thing.  A person just becomes reduced to nothing.  It was especially sad to see such a vibrant, active, independent woman become totally dependent on others.  It was, however, so wonderful and heartwarming to witness how kind and caring all of her children and their spouses are to her.  They are so sweet and take such good care of her.  What a tribute to them to be so patient and loving with their Mother and Mother-in- law.  That entire family of 3 sons and 1 daughter and each one of their spouses are a true example of Christlike behavior.  If only the world, in general, would follow such a fine example.  I was humbled at how sweet and willing they all are to do EVERYTHING for her.

In fact all 3 brothers and sister and the Mom and Dad live very close to each other  and a few in adjoining houses.  They all work in their law firm together.  The boys all have lunch together, they play together and all of them even vacation together.  They are all more concerned about the others than themselves.  If a baby cries or a kid needs help, whoever is nearby helps them or picks them up and the baby just cuddles right in. They serve each other naturally  all the time. This family is truly living the law of consecration.  It is just amazing and wonderful.
 Allison and Tiff were both away and Suzanne was taking care of these adorable littles.  I totally loved these sweet babies.  They were so good too.

 We stayed at Allison's beautiful home.  It's so pretty that I took some photos to remember how cute she has it decorated.
 This little guy is now my buddy.  He let me hold him so much and cuddled and smiled all the time. (Except for the picture).  Ha

 What a great backyard.  This is only 1/2 of it.

 Baby Joneaux and his parents got to come up from San Diego.  I was sooooooo happy to see them.

Joneaux had a (funny to us) incident.  Some of the people went fishing at a little pond and there were animals there too at the farm.  Joneaux was walking with Andrea.  A big Emu was walking behind them and then Anna was behind them.  Joneaux turned around and saw his Mommy.  Of course he wanted to run to her, which he did.  As he passed the Emu, it hissed and went after him.  He was so scared that he took off running right for the pond.  Andrea dropped her bag and took off after him catching him just before he hit the water.  After that he said many times for the rest of the day, " A big Emu tried to eat me.  I am NOT a snack."

 Joneaux is so cute.  He put on a little show for everyone.  He is only 2, but he can already count to 30, knows many of the alphabet letters and their sounds, knows all of the colors, and he sings so many little songs.  It is really fun to hear him.  What a sweetie.  He also knows his shapes and can draw lots of them.  It was so funny.  He was drawing circles.  He wanted to draw an oval and and accidentally didn't do it well.  "Oh no. That's not an oval. That's a circle," he said with a frown on his face.

 Anna and Ama brought some yummy cheese for all to have.

 Here are Beber and Mado.  She is 83, but oh my goodness, she is a lively little thing.  We call her the little gazelle.  When we were in France we went on a trip up a Mt where people where sky diving.  She was jumping around from rock to rock.  She is just a little power house.
 Here's M.J.

 I went on a little outing with Andrea and Yoho.  First we went to the Rogue River Creamery where we got to sample lots of cheeses.

 The shop is small, but the cheeses are huge in taste.  I bought some yummy cheeses including a piece of Rogue River Blue, which has been the winning blue cheese for 5 years in a row.  It is aged 1year.  I also bought a cheese that is aged 2 years.  Andrea got a Jalapeno Cheese and a Camembert.

 Then we went to this fabulous store called Harry and David's.  It has the best foods.  They have great salespeople too, so we got to sample stuff and then, of course, we wanted to buy it.  I got some delicious chocolate covered cherries, some salsas, some mustards, and other goodies.

On the way back we stopped at the Medford Oregon Temple in Central Point, which is the smallest temple I've seen so far.   It is very beautiful, but very tiny.

 Sweet kisses for Mommy.

 The siblings.

 Damian and Sarah live in the adjoining house.
 The last evening there, some of us went to TinTin, a Chinese buffet.

Our trip was only 4 days.  Two days of traveling and two days of visiting went by too quickly.  We got up on Sunday and drove home arriving at Valerie's to relieve Sierra and start our babysitting for the week at 1:30 a.m.  It was a long, long drive, but once again Reggie was well behaved.  We don't usually like to travel on a Sunday,  especially because we had to miss church, but it was the only way we could make the trip.


Yvonne said...

I would not have enjoyed driving in that kind of weather AT ALL.

So glad you got to visit with everyone. I really do not like reading about Alzheimers. So very sad. It really breaks my heart. Family is everything, isn't it.

Loved the story of Joneaux and the emu. Too funny.

The Medford Oregon temple looks just like our temple in Regina. They are small but they are wonderful.

Hope you have a great time taking care of Val's children.

Connie said...

How wonderful that you were able to see family! Looks like you had lots of fun!
I would have been a nervous wreck driving in that snow!
Poor little Joneaux! He's right, he's NOT a snack! :)