Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

I will wish you Happy Leap Day tonight because I won't be able to do it again for 4 years.

Papa told me today that there is an old Irish legend that the girls could ask someone they liked to marry them on Leap Day.  If the boy said no, he had to buy her 12 pairs of gloves so that she would have a pair to wear for each month of the year to hid the fact that she had no ring and was unmarried.  He really got a big kick out of this story.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lunch at Zuppas and a Snowy Day

 Saturday I was so happy to be able to meet up with two of my good bloggy friends and have lunch with them.  I never would have thought a few years ago that you can meet someone through the blog world and then become such good friends.   These two women are so awesome and I really admire them both.  They are both runners and in such good shape.  They are both so spiritually inclined, knowledgeable, and in tune.  Connie lives about a 40 minutes drive from me.  Yvonne has been here unexpectedly from Canada because her daughter has been soooooo ill with very serious illnesses and has been hospitalized and had several very extensive surgeries.  In fact out of a month, I think she was only out of the hospital for 4 days.  We have all felt so badly for Heidi.  We have been fasting and praying for her so much and finally she seems to be doing much better.  We are hoping for a full recovery with no more hospitalizations.  Yvonne is going home today.  
 This morning we woke up to snow. Here are some shots from my kitchen door.  It looks very beautiful, but I don't like to be out and driving in it.  It is good to have it snowing though because it will help replenish the waters.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Emily

Can you believe I can't find a picture of Emily by herself on my computer, so here she is with her sister Val who loves her very much.
Oh my goodness, my baby is 23 today.  How did the time fly by so fast?  I still remember her being handed over to me at LAX.  She was a tiny little 6 lb baby.  She came dressed in a Micky Mouse sweat-suit and wrapped in several blankets, the outer layer being a brown wool blanket.  She had the roundest little face, lots of hair and she was the so cute and cuddly.  We came home and bathed her and dressed her up really pretty and since then she has been our youngest, little princess.

I decided to write 23 facts about Em since she is 23 today.

1.  Emily is the youngest of our 8 children.
2.  She is very beautiful.
3.  Emily is married to Jose.
4. `She is the mother to 3 year old Natalia.
5.  She is also the mother to 6 month old Jakob.
6.  Emily graduated as a  Medical Assistant.
7.  She is an awesome dancer.  At one time she did some exhibition Salsa dancing.
8.  She has a very nice singing voice although she will never solo sing for us.
9.  She is a very stylish dresser when she wants to be.
10. She has become a very responsible young woman.
11. Emily has a very contagious smile.
12. She likes to tease and it's not always easy to know if she's serious or joking.
13. She is a great money manager.
14. She can keep a friendly conversation going.
15. She has a joyous laugh.
16. She is very honest.
17. She is kind.
18. She is very frank and says it like it is.
19. She focuses well on her studies.
20. She is a good Mom who loves her children.
21. She is adored and loved by her husband and loved by her siblings.
22. She is loyal to family and friends
23. Emily is much loved and cherished by her Dad and her Mom

We are so glad that Emily is a part of our family and we will love her forever.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More promotions

 Our beautiful daughter-in-law got a new job this week.  She is now an executive secretary for one of the vice presidents in a big company.  Yeah! JaNee.  That company is lucky to have her for an employee.  She will be a great asset to them.

In other news she and M will be celebrating their first anniversary at the end of March.  This year has just flown by.  J is an awesome young woman and she is just perfect for M.  We are so glad she is part of our family.  :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cute Family

 I love this cute, little family.  They are a lot of fun.  A has always been a great, kind, and thoughtful girl.  She is the party queen and likes to arrange lots of fun events and activities.  Yesterday she got a great promotion at work.  She is now an assistant administrator.  Congrats to her and a big Hurrah.  All of the little kids love (are crazy about)Y.  He alway plays with them and pays attention to them and makes them feel so happy.

 Handsome, handsome little Reggie is such a nice little guy.  He is so pleasant and lately he has had such a burst of energy.  He loves to climb and investigate everything.  He is so curious and also always ready to give a kiss.  We love having him around.

I'm so glad we live so close together and get to spend lots of good times together.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Going to the Temple

 J and S got to spend the night and have a special day with Grandma while.....

M and T went to the temple with Papa.

We're so glad these 4 cuties live close to us.  It is wonderful to spend time with them.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas afternoon

 No pictures of Christmas morning, but we were lucky enough that these darlings came over and we had dinner and a very pleasant evening together.
 Olives on little fingers are always lots of fun.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The 24th of December lunch and afternoon

 I'm almost caught up.  Here we are on the 24th of December.  We had a really nice luncheon and afternoon.  Dani was babysitting a cute little baby and she felt just right at home and happy like a little joey.
 What a cute little family!
 These two littles had  great time.  They had a few challenging months a while back, but now they are so cute playing together and carrying on a little conversation.  It's fun to listen to them when they don't know we are listening.

 Val made cookies with all the kids.  They love helping and she is oh so patient with them all.  She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

 Papa had a nice turn with little Jakob.  There's always a long line waiting to hold him because he is so cute and cuddly.
 Yum Yum

 I had several crafts prepared for the kiddies.  They painted, made ornaments, made little Christmas trees and had fun.

 Poor JaNee fell and broke her elbow and hand.   She has had a hard time recovering.  She was finally beginning to feel somewhat better.  We have all felt so badly for her.  Michael has been a wonderful, supportive and helpful husband.  Indy gets to go everywhere with them. Good thing he's well behaved.
 This little adorableness was held by everyone.  I love that this is his first Christmas and he's here with us.
 A little modeling by the princess.
 Stockings were hung in the evening.
 Our tree and some of the decorations.

 Anna brought me this lovely nativity from the Filipines.

 Our beautiful princess all ready for Christmas eve.  She is the sweetest little girl.  I can't help but shower her with kisses every day.

And then there's handsome Reggie.  This little guy is getting very busy.  Ha! He's into everything, but he's such a little charmer.