Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brussels, Keukenhof

The arc is in Brussels, Belgium. It is near one of the tunnels of which there are many, many in this city.
Saturday the 25th of April we went to Keukenhof, Netherlands. It is the home of the world's largest flower garden. It was just the most beautiful place. The flowers were just gorgeous, some of the most vibrant and beautiful flowers I have ever seen.
Some of the houses on the way were huge and also very beautiful

We drove up with two other senior couples. The Phairs are the couple that we know well and flew to Belgium with at the beginning of our mission. The other couple is new here. They are the Romney's who arrived here 3 weeks ago and will be acting as government representatives to the EU (european union). They were Mission President and wife in the Moscow, Russia Mission a few years ago. They lived in Moscow for 3 years. We met up with several other senior couples who are serving in the Netherlands. We had a wonderful day together looking at all of the gorgeous flowers.

On our drive there, we took a wrong turn and lucky for us drove through some of the most picturesque towns in the world. The little towns had many streets which had their homes face canals. In front of each house there was a little curved bridge that crossed the street over the canal to the front yard of each house. All of the yards were perfectly manicured with lovely flowers, hedges, and lawns. All of the houses looked imacuately cared for. We also passed many, many well cared for fields of flowers or fields with farm animals; cattle, sheep and lots of little lambs, horses, pigs, etc. We drove for a long, long time on this accidental detour and were able to see a very beautiful side of the Netherlands.

There were several buildings in Keukenhof that had flower displays of all kinds. One of them housed only orchids, another had hydrangeas and hyacinths. There were lots of pansies, mums, and many other varieties of flowers.

The tulips were out of this world. There were tulips of every color you could imagine and also tulips with varigated colors.

These are fields of tulips.

Lovely trees in full bloom lined many of the pathways.

This huge owl had fun watching the bazillions of people who were there.

Friday we spent the night in Brussels. These are the views from the back and front of the apt. we stayed in.

This is the U.S. embassy.