Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Picture

Here is a picture of us. We have been married for 43 years. Our children are now grown and we are getting ready to go on a mission. We have been called to the Belgium Brussels/ Netherlands Mission which includes northern France. When we sent in our papers we did not request any specific place or mission because we wanted to go where the Lord would have us go. However, when we got our call we were not surprised because in both of our Patriarchal Blessings it says that we will serve in DH's native land, which is France. We are super excited (especially DH who is Mr. Missionary. I am now busily studying French, which is very difficult. In fact, I told DH that he can give the lessons and I will happily say Oui, Oui. That should work, shouldn't it? :)

We sold our house and we have been traveling around visiting our children and friends. We left Tx where daughter 1 lives with her wonderful family and where we actually had lived for the previous 5 months. We went to Utah and visited daughter 2 and her awesome family, daughter 7 and attended her wedding, and son 2. Then we went to Idaho and spent time with son 1 and his great family. From there we went to Oregon and visited our niece and nephew and their awesome kids and grandkids. After Oregon we went to San Bruno to spend some time with DH's sister. On southward we went to Lancaster and stayed with my BFF Daisy and her family and also visited daughter 8. Then we went to San Diego to stay with daughter 5 and her DH. We have been so blessed to have such wonderful children and grandchildren and luckily all the in-laws are awesome too. Now we are back in Texas for a few weeks with a 4 day trip to San Francisco to visit the French Counsulate for our visas. Then back to San Diego, off to Utah and finally go to the MTC on Nov 3rd. We will only be there for 10 days of office work and we will fly to Belgium where our adventure will begin.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Learning to post pictures

Here is Zoe, Anna and Amadeo's baby. I'm learning how to post pictures.