Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dinner at Mangatia's

Yesterday we had dinner at Manu and AnneLouise's little apartment. This cute young couple is the one that got married last year. They are doing just great. Both of them are so smart, diligent, nice, and just wonderful people. We had such a pleasant and fun evening together.
They are both in school, both have demanding callings at church, and both try to always do the right thing. More young people should try to be like them.
They have a very tiny, but very cozy apartment. I think it's just right for a newly married couple.

We started our meal with drinks and peanuts.
After that we had a variety of yummy things to nibble on. Little breads with cream cheese and toppings were so tasty. The little swirls were kind of like baby pizzas. The veggie platter had a yummy vinaigrette. Each person had a melted cheese bread with a marinara sauce. It tasted really good. The dip for the carrots was mayo with curry.

For dessert AnneLouise made a Charlotte. It was just delicious, not too sweet and just right.

Today for an afternoon snack we treated
ourselves to this "so delicious" patisserie. It is called Religieuse which means the nun. They do look like little nuns, don't they?

I am feeling much, much better. I still have to take meds for my headache and my face still hurts. Also now 1/2 of my head has crusting over sores. Ewwww! I will be so glad to be completely done with these awful shingles.
Today was our last institute class, so I did my last large cooking until Sept. As a surprise for the JA's, they got to go bowling after their test tonight. Because I wanted them to be able to leave right away, I made things they could grab and go. We made ham and cream cheese roll ups with salsa and lettuce. Then I also put out oranges and 2 kinds of cookies. One of the girls brought brownies. They were really happy with the food. I made "a lot", but I think I could have made twice as much and it would have been all gone. Of course we will still have FHE and all the other activities, so I will not have a chance to let my cooking skills get rusty. Ha. We had about 33 JA's there tonight. That's quite a growth from about 4 or 5 when we first started out. We are feeling very excited about it.


Anna said...

You are so cute. Love you!

Yvonne said...

What a cute little couple. Such a delicious looking meal.

I love the little patisserie--looks yummy.

I'm glad you are feeling better--hope soon you are 100%.

You both are amazing--you work so hard. I'm sure all your little young single adults love you both so much.