Friday, June 11, 2010

Shingles update and MTC JA

I was going to post a picture of shingles, but they are too grotesque to post. All of the images I looked at on google were way too scary to post too. UGH!
We were supposed to go to zone conf. in Paris yesterday, but instead we got to go to the Dr's again. The night before I hardly slept due to lots of eye, face and head pain. Also a lot of the redness was coming back. Because my eye is involved we felt it important to go back to the Dr. again. The Dr. said that my eye was sleeping. That means that because of the virus, the eye is less sensitive and does not react to outside stimulus. Therefore, it doesn't close when it should to protect itself. Also the eye is somewhat dry. She prescribed some different eye drops and more pain meds. She said that the virus was very aggressive and strong and that it will take quite a while for me to totally heal. So lucky for me, my eye is fine and the eye itself is not damaged. I am soooooo grateful. We stayed home all day because I just didn't feel very good.
Today I am much, much better and we are back to our activities.

Last Sunday after church we had MTC JA. This was a fun activity for the youth. MTC are the initials for Missionary Training Center. JA are the initials for jeunes adultes (young adults). This was the last of 3 sessions. We all had lunch together after the meetings and then we had a great presentation by Manu, Alexandre and Yves, the Hi Counselor over JA's. Then many of the JA's got a chance to participate in role plays. Some of them took the role of investigator while others took the role of member or missionary. They had several scenarios that they acted out. It was lots of fun and we all had a good time together.


txmommy said...

glad your eye is going to be fine. Poor Mom!

utmommy said...

Hope you get completely better ASAP!

Yvonne said...

I am so sorry. I hope you are much better SOON.