Friday, June 25, 2010


This morning I woke up to find a sweet note from my sweetie. It was a birthday congratulations and an invitation out to lunch.
I am lucky enough to share my birthday with 2 special people in my family. First there is my beautiful daughter-in-law Kelly. It has been so much fun to have our birthdays be on the same day. My son says that it's good because then he can never forget either one of us. Then my cute grandson was nice enough to be born on my birthday. He has turned 8 today and will soon be baptized. E is a really smart little boy. He amazes me with the things he does. When he was just a little guy of 4, he and his friend were discussing infinity. His friend said that infinity was the last number and E said no because infinity means that it never stops. What little kid talks about infinity at age 4? Now he sets up battles and draws out battle plans for Nephi and other great warriors. E is a champion soccer player and has led many a game to victory. He is a great reader and his math skills are wonderful. I can't believe how fast the time flies. I am so glad he is my grandson and that we share a birth day.

We went to a nice restaurant right by the Mayrie in Mouscron. It was fun to splurge and have a meal out.

For appetisers Dh had smoked salmon with mozzarella. I had very thinly sliced piece of beef and piece of salmon with a green called roquette. Both dishes were soooooo good.

For the entree I had lamb chops and salad and Dh had a steak and salad. Both of us had fries. Sorry for the eaten lamb chop. I forgot to take a picture earlier. Both of these entrees were just delicious.
For dessert I had chocolate moose and Dh had vanilla ice cream with choc sauce and whipped cream. We really enjoyed our meal and time together.

Then we went to the store and I got a birthday present. I really like these shoes.

After our walk we went home and then we went out and did our missionary work. Now that I don't cook every week for institute we do a lot more teaching.
When we got home I saw that I had soooo many b'day congratulations. I was amazed and so happy to get them. Thank you all for making my day great.
Update on shingles: I now have damaged nerve endings. That is what is giving me the horrible head and face aches. I think I have my correct dosage for medication figured out now. I am up to 800mg every 4 hours and boy can I tell when those 4 hours are up. I definitely don't need a clock to tell me when I need to take more medicine. I am hoping that this will not last long although the Dr. says it may be months. He thinks I will have to take this medicine until we go home in a little over 3 months and then switch to a different one. Anyway, I just hope it won't take that long. Besides the pain, the meds are very expensive.
Well enough of that. I had a wonderful day and I am so grateful for my wonderful husband, children, grandchildren, great granddaughter, friends, and also my bloggy friends. I am thankful that I have had such a great life. I am so thankful that I had the most awesome parents and grandparents. The Lord is good to me and has blessed me enormously. I love Him most of all.


Connie said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! Those are some cute shoes and a delicious lunch! I'm going to think positively about your shingles and nerve damage. It's going to get better soon! How's that for being positive?

Take care!

The Wendler Family said...

So glad you had a happy birthday!
I am still so sorry that these shingles aren't letting up. They sound so miserable. I should ask my dad if he has any tips/suggestions to ease the discomfort. Hang in there!
OH, and lovely little flats. I do like them. :)

Yvonne said...

Maybe one day I can take you out to lunch and we can celebrate your birthday-I'd love it.

Happy Birthday. Sorry I didn't get here earlier to wish you a wonderful day.

I hope you don't have to deal with the shingles much longer.

I love, love, love the shoes.

Joan said...

Natalie, it looks like you celebrated your birthday in style. How fun. I can't believe you will be going home in 3 months. Where has the time gone? Enjoy the rest of your mission.

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

3 months really?!? Wow! Enjoy every minute of it.

Nancy Face said...

Happy Birthday (just a bit late)! :D