Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frankfurt Temple

Tomorrow we are going to Frankfurt, Germany to this temple. We are going with the Petrovs to act as escorts and I will also be translating. This is the closest temple to France that has earphones with translation into Bulgarian that they will be able to use for the session. They will have to rely on me for the rest of the translating. Oh how I hope I will be able to do it well. It's one thing to translate just everyday conversation, but a whole other thing to translate ecclesiastical terminology especially that of a sacred nature. I'm praying for divine help in this matter. It is about an 8 hour drive from the church to the temple. We will do some visiting and then spend the night. Saturday will be the temple day. I'm really excited and looking forward to it. Our Bishop has volunteered to drive all of us as we really cannot take our car outside of our mission boundaries because of insurance reasons. I think it's really nice of him to do that. Now I have to decide what to take for all of us to eat on the road because Bishop asked me to do that. Lucky me gets to cook again. HA.
Today we taught a young couple from Nigeria. He was actually baptized as a young boy, but really doesn't know much about the church. They were very nice and receptive to the concepts which we taught them.
Then we went to the church and the Petrovs got their Patriarchal Blessings. I acted as translator and it was so awesome. the Patriarch was so kind and wonderful and they were totally thrilled to receive their blessings. They have come sooooo far since they came to France not quite 2 years ago. Hayrie says that she knows she came here not to receive light in her eyes through an operation as she originally thought. She now knows she came here to get the light of the gospel.
A little update on my shingles. :( I am really much better and most of the rash is gone and the swelling is almost all gone. However, I have had horrible headaches (only 1/2 of my head) and sever pain around my forehead and eye since then. In fact it's been so bad that I've not had much sleep because of the pain keeping me awake. None of the meds I've been taking have helped at all with the pain. Today the main mission Dr. called me from Germany and he said that I need meds that will calm my inflamed nerves. It is actually a seizure medication. I am very happy to start taking it because I am ready to be pain free.
Can't wait for our trip to Germany. :)


Yvonne said...

I can't wait to hear all about the experience. I'm so glad you are able to go--and I'm sure the Petrov's are thrilled that you both will be with them. I'm sure you will be blessed with your translating.

What a wonderful Bishop.

Lil' M said...

that is a pretty temple hope it was fun