Monday, June 7, 2010


Saturday was the baptism of Brigitte Baron. It turned out to be a very unusual baptism. This tiny lady has a big testimony of the gospel and a huge fear of the water. Soeurs Houtz and Christensen taught her the gospel and she got a testimony of the truthfulness of it pretty quickly and wanted to be baptized. Brother Demeyer was the one who was to baptize her. They got into the water and he said the prayer, but when it was time to put her under, she would stiffen up and would not let herself be submerged. She was really, really scared. I have never seen anyone so afraid of the water. Well, they tried about 4 or 5 more times. They tried with her on her knees, sitting on the step, and trying to go forwards. Each time she would not be able to let herself go under. By this time she was visibly shaking. The Bishop spoke to her and several of the elders also were talking to her as well as the Soeurs. She still wanted to be baptized. Finally Elder Perez changed his clothes and got into the font with them. He put one of his arms under her knees and put her legs between his. She was holding onto his other arm with all of her might. Brother Demeyer said the prayer again and after the word Amen, Elder Perez quickly pulled her under and Brother Demeyer actually put his hand on her face and pushed her down. It all took only a moment and she was baptized. She came up out of the water with a big smile on her face. She had done it. She faced had her fears and she was able to make her covenant with the Lord. Even though this is such a sacred ordinance, we could not help but clap for her because of the joy that was felt in the entire room. Brigitte was so glad that she could be baptized and so were we.


The Wendler Family said...

Oh my heavens I have never heard of such a thing! I am glad a plan was able to be carried out so that she would be baptized, with some extra help. :)

Yvonne said...

My goodness, that must have been something. I'm so glad she was so determined and everyone was so helpful.

The Texas Bakers said...

What a wonderful story! I'm sure that's a day she, and everyone else present, will never forget. So glad to hear you're feeling better :)