Friday, June 25, 2010

Diplome et Bal fin d'annee

While we were at the temple Saturday, our JA's had their graduation from seminary/institute awards ceremony. Thanks to the Center we had the highest number of graduates ever in this stake.
We are soooooo excited. There were 33 graduates. This is so awesome.
I am so grateful that I have been able to work with these awesome youth. Their numbers are few, but they are strong. They are diligent in serving the Lord. They have such strong testimonies, They are kind and they are fun loving. I just love them.

Afterwards there was a nice buffet and a ball. The theme was tropical. As you can see by the pictures, the youth had a great time. Our awesome Natacha did the decorations. It took her a long time. Thanks Natacha.

Noemie, Claudine, and Natacha posing "at the beach".

Xavier and David having a good laugh.

Alexandre, Manu, Jean Claude Vanaquer, and Claudine.

Andreyi, Gregory, and Nirina

Fanny, Esther, and Aurelia


Celine and everyone else too wanted pictures "at the beach".

Virginie, Natacha

Grant and Remi.

These 2 sisters Stephanie Goultin and Benedict Boutoille are so nice and awesome. They are both young women's leaders. They are both very kind, very diligent, and wonderful. They are the sisters of Anne Louise (Manu's wife). Their whole family is just great. All of them, 9 children, have been married in the temple and all of the family have been and are great leaders in the church here in France. Their parents, the De Graves were some of the first converts in this area. It is always fun and also uplifting to spend time with them.
We enjoyed some time at the Bal, but left early because of my headache. I am still trying to get my meds dosage adjusted. It's not all that easy. Dr. told me I will probably have to be on these meds for the next 3 + months and then when we go home, I will have to switch to another medication. I guess this darn pain is going to last for a long time although I am still hoping for a quick recovery.


Connie said...

It looks like everyone is having a good time. I'm impressed with the family of 9 kids who have all been through the temple, in France no less!
The Frankfurt Temple is beautiful! So sorry about your continued pain! I'll pray for a speedy recovery for you!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

what a wonderful life you are leading there -your experience there w/ the temple was so awesome- I imagine if there is another temple closer to that couple if you talked to the president and matron they- could request to get the translation in the language they need - it may take some time but its worth a try- I am so sorry you are suffering it is not fun I hope you feel better sooner rather than later how long do you still get to be there?