Saturday, January 17, 2009


Flags along the waterway in Rotterdam Holland.
Some bldgs in Rotterdam.

Two pictures of the open air market in Mouscron. The market is open every Tues. morning come rain or shine. This particular day was very rainy so you can see the awnings over the food counters. The one with the blue awning is meat and fish, the yellow is fruits and veggies. We like to get up early and come here to shop before we go to our district mtg in Lille. We like the fresh fruit and veggies. We also like to buy a little chicken that is already roasted. It is so delicious. They sell 2 for 3,50 euro.(a great price). The workers call out to try to entice you to buy at their booth. They always call me Madame or Cherie. They call DH Monsieur. It's fun when one of them will speak a little English to us. They always think it's so hot in California all year long. You can buy some of the fruit and veggies at a good price, but meat and fish is very expensive. Food here, in general, is very expensive, at least twice what you would pay in the U.S. Meat is even more than that. Also, everything is sold by the kilo even if it is already packaged. We have to be very careful with our shopping.

The semi's attach to some of the food counters, which just fold up and move on to the next town or village. These were just a couple of the ones parked in the parking lot.

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Yvonne said...

Do they enjoy speaking English or is it an irritant?

Don't you just love the open markets.