Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Magatia's Apt. (Historical Monument.)

Here are the pictures I promised to show last post. The mosaic is the floor. It is just beautiful. Next is paneling all around the room.

To the left is a part of the wall. The whole room is the beautiful blue with designs. The archway is over the door to go into the bedroom.

The last picture is of the ceiling.
We had our 2nd FHE here and it went quite well. We had 2 new people, a young man who is a member and a young woman who has only been here for 3 months from the Ivory Coast. DH gave a really good lesson on language. He told us how we need to be careful how we speak, that speech has to contain two characteristics. One of them is to have grace and the other is to have salt. Grace is an element of power which contains the element of divine help and so speech which has grace will be uplifting, strengthening, and will have the effect of refining. Salt is a preservative and as a component of speech it will have the effect of preserving the person in a state of spiritual safety and purity and will help in maintaining a state where the spirit of God can reside. Wholesome speech will have these two characteristics and those coveted results. The salt and grace elements are found in Col 4:6.
After a short discussion we had treats. I brought lemon bars, which they first said, "Oh, we will eat American cake." I told them that this was not cake but lemon bars. After they tried them, the whole group without exception loved them. "Suuuuper, Suuuuper!" they said. The hostess even asked to keep the few left over pieces. I brought my dish home without even a crumb. I was so glad they like it.
Saturday we are having a (get to know each other dinner, games, and movie) evening. I was asked to provide the dinner. Now I'm stressing. I hope that I will fix something that they will like. It is a real big worry for me.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

ooh- I wish I had heard the lesson- I will look that reference up- I really like that concept.

Yvonne said...

That must have been a fantastic lesson. Like Head Nurse I will have to look that reference up. We will be studying that in Seminary in a few months ; )

I'm sure the dinner will be great.

Thanks for posting the pictures.

The Wendler Family said...

Oh Natalie, I have never eaten something you made and disliked it. I am sure you will do just fine with the dinner! I can't blame them for scarffing down your lemon bars! So yummy!!
How wonderful to have a knowledgable husband to teach others from the scripture. You FHE group is growing! That's so exciting!
Oh and one last thing, how come "wood paneling" doesn't look like that here in the states?! I just love the integrity of the beatuiful buildings, inside, and out!

The Tall and Short of it said...

What a great lesson!! It was so good to see you guys, well in the pictures anyway!! I have been bad about posting the past month!! Take care!!!!