Friday, March 30, 2012

Irene and Brandon

 Last week we got to go to the reception of one of our awesome young adults, Irene Kim.  Irene was in France doing an internship and working for one of the Universities near Lille.  Irene was at all of the JA activities and even when the missionaries would come to our apartment for an activity, we would invite her and she would come.  She previously served a mission and was just one of the group.  Irene is a beautiful, wonderful young woman and we were so thrilled that she found the man of her dreams.

Irene and Brandon had a really fun reception at the Wheeler Farm in S.L. C.  There was lots of dancing, and they served Jdawgs for dinner along with a salad.  We really enjoyed talking to them.


Yvonne said...

How wonderful that you got to be there for their reception.

Connie said...

I've been reading through your last posts. You've had some good times with family and friends! How wonderful!
Enjoy your weekend, my friend.