Sunday, March 25, 2012

Val and Tanner's Birthday

A couple of week-ends ago we celebrated Valerie's (our 4th child and 2nd daughter) and her son (our 1st grandson) Tanner's birthdays.  Valerie and I spent 2 afternoons making Pelmeni.   Then I spent one afternoon finishing them up.  It is a lot of work, but everyone in our family loves them.  Pelmeni are a Russian dish that I learned how to make with my dear Grandmother Katya.  They are little rounds of dough that are filled with a mixture of beef and pork.  The rounds a sealed and then frozen.  When one want to eat them, it is simple matter of putting a pot of water or bouillon to boil and plopping the little morsels in to cook.
 Here is my sweet Tal washing her hands to help Gwama cook.
 Tal is my little side kick. She loves to cook, of course.  :)

 Reggie came home after all was done, but we had to stop and play with him.  He is such a little cutie.
Here he is cracking up on the floor.  

Can't forget Jakob.  He is the most pleasant little guy and last week he learned how to crawl.  I love how cute he is.  He always has a smile and he has the cutest little laugh.

Here we are enjoying Pelmeni.  It was JaNee's first time having them and I was so happy that she liked them too.  She brought the desserts which were so good that they were gone before I could even take a picture of them.  She made Apple Charlotte and also brownies.  I thought it was so thoughtful that she looked up a Russian dessert to go with the Russian meal.

Relaxing after dinner is a must.

We had a nice little family party.  I'm only so sad that some of my kids and their families live too far away.  I really hate that.  I wish they all lived right next door to me.  

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Yvonne said...

Looks like a great birthday celebration. Tell Val hello and Happy Birthday from me.

It's so nice that you have that cute little helper there ; ) I know she loves her gwama.

I feel the same way about my family--it definitely would be so nice if everyone lived closer.