Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 Virginie, one of our young adults from our Center for Young Adults in France, is going on a mission to London South.  SOOOOOOOO exciting.  She arrived at the airport and we picked her up on Monday. Virginie got her call in Nov. and has been studying English intently since then.  She has made so much progress and speaks quite well.  She will do great on her mission.  I think her English will improve rapidly with no problem.
 Here she is with all of her luggage and things for the next 18 months.
 We took her on a tour of Temple Square.  Here she is in front of the Salt Lake Temple.
 Several of the returned missionaries from our mission came to great her and to spend the rest of the day.  There's Elder Dalton next to her and next to him is Bro. Emery who was a missionary elsewhere, but served an internship in Lille and therefore came to our center.
 Elders Larson, Kudelka, Scott, and Dalton join the group.
 Finally Sister Kohler came from Logan.
 We had a wonderful time visiting the Visitor's Center, the Beehive House, the Joseph Smith Bldg, and the Conf Center.  We walked and walked and walked.  About 3 1/2 hrs later I couldn't walk anymore, so when everyone else toured the roof top of the Conf. Center, I just sat in the room right next to it and talked with the guide there.
Oh my goodness we had a good time.  Elder Kudelka is just crazy and so funny.  He kept us laughing the entire day.  He never quit with his antics, his jokes, his voices in telling stories etc.  He would sometimes act out people we all knew or were acquainted with on our missions and tell their stories.  
 This is the view of the temple from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Bldg.  Below is the photo of the inside of the Conf. Center  It holds 22,000 people plus 1,000 in the theatre.  It is huge and so beautiful.  I never expected it to be so beautiful or so huge.
 Afterwards we went to have dinner at the Rio Grande in Salt Lake.  The guys wanted her to taste authentic "American" Mexican food.    The food really was good and the salsa was especially delicious. The portions were so large that John and I had enough to take home and have lunch the next day.  

 Virginie spent the night at our house and the next day we drove her to the MTC.  As we arrived she was very stressed, a bit scared, and emotional.  She is setting out on an adventure at the young age of 21.  It is a bit nerve-wracking to go to a new country all by yourself with very little language skills, alone by yourself for the very first time.  BUT, she will be fine.  She will be serving the Lord and He will protect her.  I am always in awe of all the young missionaries.  They are fine young people.
It really was quite emotional leaving her there.  It was almost like leaving a daughter.

Tomorrow I will write about Virginie's story.

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Yvonne said...

How exciting for her. It is so wonderful that you and your husband are there to offer love and support. You two are so great.

I hope she has a wonderful mission.