Thursday, March 15, 2012


Yum, Yum.  Here is a photo of some Macaron's from the famous Parisian bakery Laduree that Virginie brought to us.  These are only some of them.  The others were quickly eaten and thoroughly enjoyed.  Each Macaron is a different color and each has a different filling.  Each one is so flavorful that it is hard to pick a favorite.

Now on to Virginie's (sketchy) story:

By the age of 8 Virginie went to live with her Grandmother because her parents left her.  The Grandmother was very old and Virginie ended up doing all of the housework, shopping and cooking for both of them.  She lived with the Grandmother for several years.  Meanwhile Grandmother's neighbors and friends became very fond of Virginie.  As the Grandmother was failing in her health, one family asked to have Virginie come to live with them.  She did and the family and Virginie grew to love each other very much.  The family were faithful Latter-day Saints who loved the Lord and taught the gospel to Virginie.  When she was a teen-ager, Virginie studied the gospel very carefully and she got baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Some years passed and both the Grandmother and the Father died.  Virginie continued to grow in the gospel doing all the things she should, going to school, and serving the Lord.  As she got older and being such a pretty girl, all the boys wanted to date her and to have her for their girlfriend.

Now Alexandre comes into the picture.  I wrote about him a while back.  Alexandre, a wonderful, handsome young man learns of the church and gets baptized.  He begins to attend our Young Adult Center in France and quickly get positions of responsibility.  Everyone likes him and all of the girls want to date him and to have him for a boyfriend.

The story continues as Virginie and Alexandre meet and like each other right away.  They continue with their own lives, continue attending church and the Center.  They go to many activities together and develop a friendship which soon turns to love.  However, Alexandre says that he cannot become too serious because he wants to serve a mission first.  He loves the Lord so much that he wants to teach others of Him and of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  When he tells Virginie, she is so happy for him and the next day she goes out and buys him the book Preach My Gospel so that he can study and become a good missionary.  She totally supports him in wanting to serve the Lord.

Their plans to be together always develop and they decide that Alexandre will submit his papers to serve his mission which is for 2 years.  He gets his call to serve in Australia.  Virginie waits and finishes up her schooling at the University.  She submits her papers to serve a mission also, which is for 18 months for girls.  She will finish up her mission just about the same time that Alexandre will finish up his mission.  Virginie gets called to the London South Mission.

As soon as they come home from their missions, they will become officially engaged and will  marry for time and all eternity in the Temple.  For now she is wearing a pretty ring that he gave her  to remind them that they are promised to each other.  They are both serving the Lord with all their heart, mind, and strength.  I know He will bless them for this sacrifice for Him.  

I love this love story.  What a legacy this young couple will leave to their children.

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