Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday dinner

 A couple of weeks ago we had a little birthday dinner for Ryan and Emily.  Their birthday's are only a day apart and so we have often celebrated together.  Somehow I didn't even get a picture of the birthday people.  I will have to be a better photographer.
 When the little girls get together, they usually have to change into "dance or princess" clothes.  They play babies and they love to dance.  I love to hear their little conversations when they think no one is listening.  You can sure hear a lot of your own conversations and actions when you watch them.  Ha.

 JoJo takes good care of the littles wherever she goes.  She is a natural babysitter and all of the kids love her.  She is so kind and patient with them.

 Here is Tatum giving Natalia some dance lessons.

 Handsome little Reggie joined in the action later on when they had changed into their jammies.  He has the most delightful little laugh.  Everyone joins in laughing with him because his laugh is so contagious.

 Baby Jakob loves to watch everyone and wishes he could run around too.  Before too long he will be joining them and we will love to have even more commotion.  Jakob loves to smile and laugh too, but of course he was so serious when I was trying to get his picture.  Nevertheless he is adorable and looks just like a little baby doll.  He is so sweet and he loves to cuddle.  Best of all, he love his grandma.

 I love this profile photo of Reggie.  I love those soft baby cheeks and the hint of a smile.  He is such a happy little boy and why wouldn't he be?  Everyone just loves him so much.

I have to include a sweet story about Natalia.  She is my little side kick every day and she always has lots  of things to talk about.  One day last week I was cleaning out one of my bins from the garage.  In it we found a thumb nail photo of Alec, Kelly and K when she was a little, little girl.  Well Tal looks at the picture and says, "Who is that?"  I answer that it is Uncle Alec.  She asks if she can have that picture because she likes it so much.  I tell her that she can keep it and she walks around holding that picture the rest of the day.  Later that evening Diogo asks her who is in the photo and she answers, "Uncle Alec"  Then he asks who the other people are.  Tal replies, "That is Uncle Alec, a pwincess, and a baby.  "That is Uncle Alec, Kelly, and K" says D.  "Yes," says Tal,  "Uncle Alec, a beautiful pwincess, and a pwetty baby."   
Such a cute story!


Connie said...

That is a cute story. You have such darling grandchildren! I love the dance lesson pictures.
Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Nancy Face said...

Your grandkids are so fun and darling! It makes me excited to welcome my first one in just about a month!

Yvonne said...

They are so adorable. You are such a wonderful grandma.

Love the story--so very sweet