Thursday, March 8, 2012

Relief Society Birthday Party

 This evening our ward had the R. S. Birthday Party.  It was a dinner and games.  When we first arrived we were handed a sheet of paper with 20 statements on it.  We were to find Sisters in the ward who shared a birthday month or had the same favorite book or movie and so forth.  It was a lot of fun.  Then we all sat at 2 long tables and played 30 second get to know one another game.  It is played just like the 1 minute dating game.  The MC poses a question and the people sitting across from each other answer and discuss the question.  We sure learned quite a few things about each other that we never knew before.  We laughed and laughed and had a good time.

 Dinner was a potato bar and salad with delicious  and pretty cupcakes for dessert.

 After we were done eating, there was another game where the MC asked questions such as who had served longest as R.S. President, who had done the most adventuresome activity, who had lived the furthest away (which I won), etc.  The prize for each one was a candy bar.
 Our final activity was a service jar.  Each woman wrote a service that they would do for someone else such as bake something for them, clean something, teach something, etc.  We put our service note into a jar and then we were able to draw out a note and now someone will do something for us too.  It was a nice ending to a very pleasant evening.
 When I got home, this little sweetie was ready to great me at the door.  She said, "You're home Grandma.  I missed you.  Don't leave again because I will cry."  I sure love my little side kick.  She is adorable.  Then she asked me to take her picture which I was so happy to do since she hardly ever wants to pose for me.


Yvonne said...

What great ideas. I love the service jar.

Such a sweet little girl to come home to--she obviously loves her grandma ; )

Ginger Blodgett said...

Thanks for sharing. Great ideas.