Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Clark's Landing and misc.

This first photo is of the kids riding in the car to and from shopping.  Everything here is quite a distance away and so one must do lots of driving.  It's wonderful how you can now watch a movie or music video to help pass the time.  Sure wish we had those when our kids were little.  
I just love the countryside here.  It is just so beautiful.  Green forest and vegetation everywhere.  Lots of houses are nestles into wooded areas.  

We have been having a wonderful time here at Lana and Rob's.  Saturday morning Lana went to a funeral for their really good friend.  Rob and Papa went to Lockheed and got to see the F-35 take off with the F-16 following after it.  They also saw laser guided missiles and bombs. They saw the hangars where the planes and bombs are stored.  Rob gave Papa the tour and they had a wonderful time together.  

In the evening we went to the Martines's house (good friends of Lana and Rob).  They had us and another family over for a 24th of July celebration.  We ate BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs and all the trimmings,  salads, chips, and a wonderful blueberry cobbler for dessert.  We sang a hymn, Mike, the Dad,  then read out of his pioneer ancestors journal and we ended the evening with the kids and some of the men doing the stick pull.  I was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot when the kids were trying to pull eadh other over.  The kids all ran around and had a ball.  The adults visited and enjoyed each other's company.  

Sunday we went to church and in the evening we had the Martines' and Matt, whose wife is visiting her family in Seattle with their kids, over to dinner.  We had a very pleasant evening.  

Monday we had to go cleat shopping for E.  He was supposed to start soccer that evening.  However, due to a storm that came in, practice was cancelled.  After shopping we all went to TCBY and had a yogurt.  Then we stopped by and H and G got to have 2 of their friends come over.  We had a quick lunch and went swimming.  That was cut short by the storm too, but we had spent quite a bit of time at the pool already.  Colleen picked up the girls after a while and we had a family dinner.  Then we had a nice FHE where the lesson was on fasting.  I am always impressed at the good job Lana does giving the lessons.  For activity we watched Star Trek which Papa and Lana really like.  They always watched the original Star Trek when Lana was a young woman.  They both love it.  This latest one was quite good and I enjoyed it too although I am not a Trekky. 

Today after breakfast was cleaning hour which actually lasted a couple of hours.  Everyone had jobs to do. I picked cleaning the kitchen and the laundry. Papa did all the vacuuming.  Little G did lots of mirrors and windows.  The others got to clean stairs, window sills, rooms, dusting, bathrooms, garbage etc.  It was good.  We worked really hard and it's amazing how quickly work gets done when many hands help.  After cleaning L got the little kids McD's for lunch.  We 3 adults went to Clark's landing for lunch.
This is the view outside our window.  We were going to eat out there, but it was just too hot.

We started with an appetizer of scallops wrapped in bacon with a delicious sauce.
Then came the delicious crab soup.
Lana and I shared fish tacos.
Papa had a hamburger.
All of the food was especially delicious, but there was so much that we had to bring some home.  That was nice because for dinner we just kind of had leftovers and "whatever" from the cupboards and fridge.  We weren't too hungry and it was easy to fix something for the kids.  Lana is a fabulous cook and makes delicious food all the time.  So far she has had a different breakfast for us every morning. She often tries out new recipes and  of course she has lots of good ole standbys.
After we ate, we took Papa home to spend some one on one time with E.  We girls went to get pedicures.  Little G got to have her nails painted for the first time.
She was very excited.
H, the pro, just kicked back, relaxed with a magazine and enjoyed the pampering.

Here is the end result.  I even got my "surgery toe" fixed up and painted.  I kept having to tell the girl not to do anything to that toe since it is still so sensitive, but she said, "Okay I remember," but then go right on and do something else.  It's a little sore now, but at least it looks a lot better.

On an unhappy note, Andrea and baby Reggie were supposed to come and be here, but their car broke down and also Ang and Reg are both sick.  In fact now besides having a cold, Andrea also has the flu.  We are all sad because we really wanted to see them.  We haven't seen them since they left for North Carolina.  We had lots of plans for activities and now they're not here.  I'm still hoping they recover enough to come for a little bit.  


Yvonne said...

Such fun activities. So glad.

I figured Lana was a GREAT cook. Whenever she would post on her blog about meals, I was so impressed.

Sorry about Andrea and Reggie. Hope they can get there for a short visit.

Lil' M said...

sound like you are having fun i miss you so much love you