Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lancaster/ Palmdale/ North Edwards Reunion July 8,2011om

 Last Friday we went to a most fun reunion.  We lived in Lancaster for about 35 years.   We made many wonderful friends and knew lots and lots of really nice people there.  That is one of the hardest things about moving.  It's really hard to move away from friends.   I was so glad that Peter and Sharon arranged this fun time that we could get together and see people we hadn't seen for a long, long time.  One of the first to arrive was Emma (Baird).  She is the daughter of great friends of ours.  We all used to go to the beach together every June.  There were quite a few families that all went camping at El Capitan State Beach.  We had a ball every year.  All of the kids loved it and we have many fond memories of our summers together.  Anyway Emma is now married and has almost 6 children of her own.  Oh my, how does time fly so fast?
 People started gathering and pretty soon we had a big crowd.

 Bruce Graves and Pam Harris, two friends we haven't seen in years.
 Peter Anderson, one of my favorite people and the man who baptized us.

 Sharon Dustin and Kandy Graves are two of my really good friends from years ago.  Sharon's daughter and Lana were BFF forever and her son Greg and my Michael were best buds for years.  Sharon and I go way back and have many wonderful memories together.  She was R. S. Pres when John was Bishop.
 Gary and Kathy Cosgrove, great friends.  Kathy was R. S. in Lanc. ward for a while.  They live near us now and we're so glad to have found each other again.  We will be spending more time with them.
 Paul and Vicki Lee our across the street neighbors and awesome friends.  Paul taught me how to use a computer.  When I was first called to type the Patriarchal Blessings that John gave I only had a typewriter.  It was miserable trying to use that to type a blessing. Paul offered to let me use his.  The first time I went over to their house he asked me how much I knew about computers.  I told him that I knew how to turn it on, but just didn't know which button to push.  Ha.  He very patiently taught me and even set up the program for me.  They just gave me a key to their house and I could go there and type any time I needed too.  I really appreciated all they did and typed many a blessing before I got my own computer.  Vicki was one of the best girl's camp leaders Lanc. ever had.  The girls were crazy about her.
 Here's Ryan with some of his family.
 The Burnstons.  This wonderful couple just celebrated their 40th anniversary.
 Sabra (Anderson) and two of her children.  She is a wonderful girl.  She and Val were great friends when they were little.  She served her mission in Venezuela.
 Chrissie and Richard.  I've written about this sweet girl before.  I knew her from day one of her life.  It is so much fun to see these kids that grew up before my very eyes.  It's wonderful to watch how they are such good parents to their own children.

 Our MC Sharon, Peter's wife, and one of my favorite, favorite friends.  She is always a great example to me in all areas.  
 Valerie and her sister's in law.  These girls have a great time together.

 The little kids had a blast in the park and in the sand box.
 Denise (Harris) and her hubby are expecting their first baby in just 4 months.
 Sharon and I goofing around, taking pictures of each other taking pictures.
 Sharon is a gifted, talented, writer, photographer, scholar, family history person, etc.  She has written several books and lots of poetry.  She has a set of beautiful books with photographs of some of the temples with poetry that she wrote to go along with the photos that she took herself.  Some of her poems have been published in the Ensign.
One year at the beach she wrote this little Haiku for me.
Our laughter washes
ashore in waves of delight.
Sand, sun, sea, you me.
Sharon Anderson
 Blythe (Christensen) the daughter of friends with her son.
 Melanie (Anderson) and Broderick.  Melanie is one of the 9 Anderson children.  Our kids grew up together and we love them a lot. They are more like family than just friends.
 Suzanne, Sharon and Vicki (Suzanne's Mom)
 Diane a good friend of mine.  Two of her kids were best pals with two of mine. Suzanne with some of her family.
 J with 3 of the Anderson grandchildren had fun singing some Karoeke.   It was a fun way for them to end their evening.  The audience all loved them too. :)

We all had so much fun that this has become the 1st annual reunion.  There were lots of other people in attendance, but I was so busy talking and laughing that I forgot all about the camera.


utmommy said...

Too bad I missed the singing:(

-M- said...

Ah what fun! I'm not sure what you're talking about, I think you did a great job taking pictures. ;)
As always, its such a delight to get to see you! The reunion was no exception.

Yvonne said...

That must have been such a great gathering. Great way to document everything--you do such a great job of that. The pictures are all wonderful, and I love all the little snippets about the families.