Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

 We had a very nice 4th of July.  First we met up with Val and half of her kids and Em and her family  We went to the Provo Freedom Festival.  We walked around a little bit and then everyone was hungry.  We all went to Sizzler and had a good lunch which lasted quite a long time.

 I love the adoring look in S's eyes as he looks up at his Dad.  Ryan is a wonderful father and the kids are just crazy about him.  Other people's kids flock to him too.
 Emily has about 5 more weeks until the baby comes.  I was happy to get this picture of her expecting little Jakob because it will be fun for her to see herself years down the road.  We're all getting so excited for him to arrive.  What will he look like?  How big will he be?  Will he have lots of dark, dark hair?  I can't wait to hold him and smell his sweet, new baby smell and feel his soft soft self.
 We stopped by BYU dorms and picked J up and then we went on to Val's house.  As a side note, J was so excited to get an A on her very first college paper.  She has also gotten A's on her first tests.  She told us that it's a lot of hard work.  But, she's having fun too.  She and a whole group of friends walk up to the Y every day except Sunday.  That is quite a workout!
 I tried to make a patriotic jello and went to 4 stores looking for blue jello.  It was all sold out.  I tried making it out of green and red jello, but got purple.  Here's a photo of my sad looking jello.  Oh well,  next year I will have to get blue WAY in advance.
 Papa and Ryan grilled burgers and dogs.
 Val made this yummy fruit pizza for dessert.
 Little J just loves big J.

 Once it got dark, some of Ry's family came over for family fireworks.  Luckily we had no sparkler or fireworks mishaps.

 I think everyone had a really good time.  It was interesting to drive home and see fireworks on many, many streets and in every city.  I know they will be celebrating and selling fireworks until the 24th of July when everyone here celebrates Pioneer Day.  We are seeing fireworks almost every evening.  It's kinda fun.

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Yvonne said...

Looks like it was a great 4th of July.

That picture of your grandson and his dad is PRICELESS. Love it.

Only 5 more weeks until you have another grandbaby--how exciting. Glad you got a picture of her pregnant--those are great to have later.

Congratulations to J on the A and way to go hiking up to the Y--doing it once is enough, every day (except Sunday) WOW.

I enjoy watching fireworks.