Thursday, June 2, 2011

More of Idaho

 Katie has taught herself how to play the guitar.  She serenaded us and did quite well I must say.  We could recognize the tunes and so I thought that was really nice.  She's only been playing less than a month.
 On Monday morning we drove over to Alec's Eagle office.  It is very nice.
 The Boise River runs right behind the office.  The water was soooooo swift and it looked cold too.  I would not want to swim in there at this time of year.

 Here are a few more diplomas.
 A photo of his desk looking out at the river.  He said that he sees lots of wildlife out that window.

 Often when we see him, he writes prescriptions or gives us samples or does little procedures.  We like to bug him with our problems.  Fortunately he's always so nice about it and says he doesn't mind at all. :)
 This is Taylor, their old dog.  When Taylor was a puppy we babysat her for a whole year while Alec and Kelly were stationed somewhere where they didn't allow animals.  I taught Taylor doggie manners.  I taught her how to walk on a leash without pulling the one walking her.  I taught her not to jump on people when they come to the door or ever.  I taught her not to sit on furniture and lots of other things.  She was a good dog.  Sadly she has to be put down because she is so sick.  She has some tumors, losing control, and she can't walk right anymore or even go up the stair.  She falls over all the time and she is totally deaf.  Poor Taylor.  We all feed sad.

 The two weiner dogs, Oscar and Rusty are as active as ever.  They are funny.  Rusty chases a laser light until he becomes exhausted.  They love Kelly and follow her around.  When she is relaxing on the couch or arm chair, they have to be right next to her under a blanket.

 When we got home that evening, we celebrated Jose's Birthday.  He got presents and a cake.  


Yvonne said...

Alec's office looks like it is in a beautiful setting. That must make it a little easier to go to work every day ; )

Sorry about the dog. (That's why I don't have pets--I would get far too attached)

Connie said...

The Boise river is so full! I'd love to sit at a desk with that view. Alec has a good set up there.
Looks like you had a good trip.

-M- said...

A picture of Jose SMILING!! He has a great smile. I hope he starts smiling more for pictures.
Poor doggy. :( It is the worst to see them suffer, sorry she needs to be put down.