Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Birthday

 Yesterday I had a most wonderful birthday.  One of my oldest friends, Judy Ferrari took me out to lunch.  We went to Zupas in Draper.  She and Chuck were in Utah babysitting for their daughter, Chrissie, while Chrissie and her husband went to Hungary for his work.  Richard is a chemist and does a lot of traveling to lecture and to troubleshoot.  Sometimes Chris gets to go along.  Fun, fun.  Chris, Trish Jensen, and Diane Allen also came to lunch with us.  We had a really nice time, but I forgot to take any pictures.
 Later in the afternoon my cute granddaughters and baby great granddaughter came over with some cupcakes that they made for me.  I thought it was sooooo thoughtful of them and I really appreciated the visit a lot.  All three girls are so beautiful and I'm happy that they live near me for the time being.  Little Tatum got hungry so I made her a scrambled egg, which she requested.  Then she ate a string cheese and finally she got what she really wanted in the first place, one of the cupcakes.  I guess she had been wanting one ever since they began making them.  HA.
 It was so hot Saturday and our AC went out on friday.  I was so hot by the late afternoon that I had to take off my hot jeans and put on a Mumu.  I cooled down right away.
In the evening we went to Val's house to hang out and play games.  Valerie gave me this beautiful Pandora charm bracelet from all of the kids.  It's really pretty, but I just couldn't get a good photo with my camera.  All of the kids gave me a charm to go on it.  Lana and family got me an Eiffel Tower, which is still in the mail.  Alec and Kelly gave me a Russian Babushka stacking doll, Michael and JaNee's is in the mail,  Val and family gave me a little purse,  Anna and family gave me a little dog, a hand signing I Love You and a heart with the word Mom.  Valerie and Dani got me a little frog and Dani got me a glass, purple bead.  Andrea and Emily's and their families is in the mail too.  I love it and think it's so special that they all went to the trouble of picking just the right gift for me.

I received lots of cards and messages on Facebook and even a wonderful phone call from Natacha one of our favorite young adults in France.

What a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Connie said...


Happy Birthday a day late! I wish I knew! It sounds like your family really loves you! Beautiful charm bracelet. What a treasure.

MARTHA said...

Best Wishes!

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie. Great celebration.