Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toe Surgery

A little over 2 weeks ago I was selling a water bed that was in the house when we moved in.  The lady who bought it came with her 20 some year old son.  As he was carrying 3 of the heavy, oak drawers, he somehow dropped them and they flew over and hit me in the shoulder and chest and then fell down onto my toe.  Oh My Gosh!  It hurt sooooooo much.  I thought maybe it was broken.  I called Alec and asked him what they would do if it was broken.  I thought they would do nothing.  He replied that they usually don't do anything, but that if was bad enough, they might put a pin in it.  I did not want surgery, so I decided not to go to the Dr.  My toe began to feel a little better after a few days, but it still hurt a lot and continued to hurt.  As the weeks went by I knew I had a pretty bad infection because my toe was red, black and blue and it still bled if I even accidentally touched it.  Plus it was beginning to have an area of white around part of the nail.  I finally knew I had to go to the doctor.  After taking x-rays, he told me that I actually have a hairline fracture and a really bad infection.  He said that the blood collects under the toe and because it is a warm, moist environment, infection develops.  He had to remove the entire toe nail.    Actually, the toe was already completely broken off at the base of the toe.  He also had to do quite a bit of scraping and trimming  It was so gross.  I had some pre nail growing which the doctor said was was growing crazy and so he had to go under the skin at the base of the nail and trim and clean that all up.    Now I have just a little recovery and I will be fine.  Hopefully the nail will grow back.  You can see my swollen foot and huge bandaged toe.

Monday morning I was visiting teaching Arlene.  When we finished our lesson and visit, she and I went to her backyard to see her flowers, vegetables and herbs.  As I was walking along the path in the side yard, the neighbor's dog, which was chained up, lunged at me several times.  It clawed my side and tore a huge hole in my shirt.  Today I called the family and told them what happened and that perhaps they should make the chain smaller because Arlene's little grandchildren are coming for a long visit.  I didn't want those children to be hurt.  The lady apologized and asked me if I wanted a new shirt.  I told her no that I just wanted her to be aware of the problem.  She replied by telling me that the dog was very nice and that she herself had quite a few children and that the dog was always nice to them.   I'm not quite sure that dog is so nice.


Connie said...

Natalie, I'm glad you got that toe taken care of. It sounds so painful. The drawer dropping incident happened shortly before we had lunch? Right?

Some neighbor's dogs! That must have been a long chain to reach all the way to Arlene's yard!

I think you should take it easy today!

Jay said...

Owww! for the toe and eeekk for the lungeing dog! I hope your toe gets better soon!

Yvonne said...

Oh, Natalie. That is awful. I'm so glad you got it taken care of--even if it was quite awhile since the incident. Hope it is as good as new SOON.

Yeah, I don't think the neighbor's dog sounds like a nice dog AT ALL.