Monday, May 30, 2011

Visit to Alec and Kelly

 We had a most wonderful visit to Idaho to see Alec, Kelly, and Katie.  Our trip up to Idaho was smooth, but we drove through lots of rain.  It was fun to see tons of cows and calves as we drove through Utah and then tons of Sheep and lambs while driving through Idaho.  The little ones were so cute running and frolicking through the field and pastures.

 Saturday morning we went to a Farmer's Market.  They had many, many fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, sweets, cheeses, soaps, pottery, jewelry, and you name it.  We had fun walking around and buying a few things.  I got some really nice smelling soaps and garlic infused evoo.  John got scones, cookies, and other sweets that he wanted to munch on.  That guy has got a big sweet tooth.  He does share though.
 I really liked this statue of 3 kids playing keepsies .

 It was cold and really, really windy as you can tell by my lovely hair. Ha!  After we were done, we stopped for some hot chocolate to warm up.  Then we went home and watched I Am Number Four.  It was pretty good.

 For dinner we went to McGrath's Fish House.  I had the yummiest salmon with veggies.

 Then we stopped by Alec's office to pick up some things.  John enjoyed looking at some of his diplomas and certificates.  Some of the other's are hanging in the Eagle office. Mom's have some bragging rights.  Right?
 Then Alec drove us to this tree that has a bunch of owls living in them.  He passes the tree very often when he is training for the Boise 70.3 Iron Man because it is right on the path.  The marathon is in a couple of weeks and he will swim 1.2 miles.  Then he will bike 56 miles and end up with a 70.3 mile run.    I am in awe of people running.  I have 2 friends, Connie and Yvonne who run and they just inspire me so much.   I loved seeing these owls.  There were about 6 of them and a couple of babies.  Look soooo carefully in the picture and you might be able to spot some of them.

Later that evening we watched Alice In Wonderland which I enjoyed quite a bit.  Sunday John and I spoke to the youth about our mission.  I was nervous at first, but it was really fun to talk to them.  We concentrated our talk on the young people and the young missionaries that we worked with.  I think they really enjoyed it a lot and it ended up being great.  

We will be traveling home today.  Our visit was tooooooo short.  I wish my kids lived near me.  I made a big mistake raising my kids.  We taught them to be independent and then they took us up on it.  Ha!  Now they live all over the U.S.  and I miss them so much.  I wish it was like in the olden days when everyone lived near each other.  I am so lucky and blessed that I have wonderful children.  I love them so much and fortunately for me, they love me too.  


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

My mother and mother in law would agree with you- although they do have children and children close- there are several who live all over. My mom is half and half- my MIL is down to two who live far away- and the rest live within a few hours.

Yvonne said...

I agree with you about wishing it was like the olden days ; )


Looks like a great visit--I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

Wow 70.3 miles to run--that's more than a little too far for me.

Loved the pics of the owls in the tree.

utmommy said...

I wish I had Alec's love for running, maybe then I'd be cuter.

Connie said...

Alec is quite the guy! Even though I "run" I'm definitely not up to Alec's running! Good grief! 70 miles? Amazing! Isn't the Boise area a beautiful place?