Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chrissie's visit

 The other  day Chrissie and her children came for a visit and lunch.  Tal was waiting and waiting and I tried and tried to capture a photo of her, but she was just too active.  :)   She is a little doll and we love watching her, but she is sooooooo busy.  I forgot how much work it is to babysit little ones.

 Tal and M had a great time together.  They played with the tea set and with the dollies.

 Little J and Tal had a few problems sharing.  They often both wanted the same toy at the very same moment.  I guess it's hard to share when you're just 2 and 3 years old.  All in all they were pretty good though.

 Of course no visit is complete without a little dancing or rolling with the ball as the case may be. :)

I have known Chrissie since she was first born.  Her parents and we are really good friends.  They lived just a few houses away from us when we were in California and our children were really, really good friends too.  In fact, our kids grew up together.  2 of our daughters had their very first date with one of their sons.  We spent many, many fun hours together doing all sorts of things; walking to school together, going to the park, dinner at each other's house, vacations together, watching each other's children, fun times and sad times together.

I was Chrissie's very first babysitter the day she came home from the hospital.  As it turned out one of their older children was getting married that day and since Chris was just a newborn, I took care of her.  She was the cutest, tiniest little baby and what fun we had holding her and cuddling her.

Once when Chrissie was just little, about 4 or 5 years old, she picked a bunch of my beautiful flowers.  Then she had to come to me and tell me she was sorry for picking flowers that weren't hers.  Our Michael had to do the same thing with their flowers.  Those two little ones just loved flowers. Michael and Chrissie were really good buds growing up.

As it turned out, Chrissie graduated from BYUI with a degree in horticulture? Not sure what her degree was in, but she studied all about plants and flowers and became a florist.  She did the flowers for Anna's and Michael's weddings and did a beautiful job.

When Michael and Chrissie were about 2 years old I was at a Relief Society meeting.  Some of us were preparing for the luncheon. We were hard at work in the kitchen when we heard giggling.  Judy, Chrissie's Mom, and I turned around and saw our 2 little ones in a huge soup pot.  Only their little heads were sticking out and they were having a ball.

The year that Michael and Chrissie were born, there were about 17 babies other babies born in our ward.  5 of us all lived near each other and when the children went to kndg, we carpooled.  One time I was having a Stake Primary meeting at my house and totally forgot that it was my turn to pick up the kids.  I got a phone call from the school secretary asking me if I had forgotten anything?  I instantly remembered, told the people to carry on with the meeting and rushed over to the school.  When I got to the office, there they were, all of them, sitting like 5 little birds all huddled together.  I was so embarrassed and sorry.  Luckily all of the Mommy's were understanding.

We have many fun memories together and it was so great to have her come and visit.  I made a yummy lunch of croissant sandwiches, fresh fruit and several kinds of breads, lemon, banana, and cinnamon for dessert.  The children enjoyed mac n' cheese.  They especially liked the watermelon.


utmommy said...

We all love her!

Yvonne said...

It is so fun to have such wonderful memories. I love the way you share them.

Glad you had a great visit.