Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Work Goes On

Our time is coming to a close, but the work goes on. We are trying to finish up and tie up loose ends. We are busy every day getting as much done as possible.
Monday we had FHE as usual. It was Alexandre's birthday and he fooled around blowing out the candles, trying to speak English and just having a good time. We sang to him in French and then in English.

Tuesday we took the train into Paris for Zone Conference. This is a little monument/fountain that we passed while walking to the church.

The building behind Dh is the Gare Paris Nord(train station). It is very, very busy there.

The escalator down to the train area is very long and full of people all the time.

We have been teaching Luc and Emilie for a long time. They have a very cute little baby named Laly. Emilie's Dad is a faithful member of the church, but her Mom is not. The two parents have been telling their children opposite things for years. Dad says that they must get up and go to church on Sunday while Mom says that they must stay in bed and rest. It has been very difficult for Emilie. She was baptised as a young girl, but really hasn't been to church much. Luc is a Catholic and has had some very spiritual experiences including one where he was in a very serious car accident and was helped by someone who then was "just gone". They are seriously thinking about the church now because they would like to be a forever family with their little baby. We are hoping and praying that they will feel the promptings of the spirit and make correct choices.

The DeGraves are some of our favorite people. They are such a faithful couple. They were some of the first few pioneer members of the church in Lille. He was a well loved and respected Bishop and Stake President for many years. Now Domonique is afflicted with Parkinsons and can barely walk. He doesn't eat by mouth at all and has to be tube fed. He is so weak that he can barely whisper a few words. Claire takes wonderful care of him. And yet, they persevere. They come to church faithfully although he often cannot stay the entire time. They went to temple week with the Stake and he was even able to do some temple work with the help of one of their sons-in-law. They raised 9 children of whom all of the boys and some of the girls served missions. All of the children have been married in the temple. Oh, what a great example they are!

These 2 sisters are Lawrence and Doriane. They are always so friendly and welcoming. They have strong testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel.

Brother DeGrave was also a Patriarch for many years. He and Dh have so much in common and the two Patriarchs like to spend time together. I know he loves it when Dh talks with him and tells him about experiences that he has had.

Dorian has had an amazing experience. She is over 40 years old and became pregnant with a little baby. The doctors did an amnio and told her that she must have an abortion because her baby would be born with Trisomy 18. The parents were so upset, but said that they would absolutely not have an abortion. They would have the baby and would care for her as long as she lived. They would love her and give her the best possible life that she could have. Then Dorian had a blessing and in the blessing she was told that her baby would be fine. Time passed and 5 weeks ago little Aurore was born. She is perfect. She does not have Trisomy 18 or any other defect. She is growing well and doing well. What a beautiful, wonderful blessing from the Lord. I do not mean to imply that it wouldn't have been a blessing if the baby did have problems, but how nice for all of them that she does not.

This young couple are Reynaud and Florine. He served a mission in Greece and was in the same district with Luke Leishman the son of friends of ours in Lancaster. What a small world. This couple both hold responsible positions in the ward. She is in the Primary presidency and he is Elders Quorum President. There are many young people in France who hold very responsible positions and do a fantastic job.

Elder Anderson on the left is leaving us on Thursday. He had an unexpected 1/2 way into transfers change of assignment. A brand new missionary who just got his visa will be joining our district. It will be fun to meet this new "blue". In the US we call them greenies, but here they are called blue.

We have been teaching a family from Romania. They have actually been studying the gospel for almost 2 years now. They began with the young missionaries and they decided to be baptised. First though, they needed to get married. They went back to Romania to do just that, but while there someone got really sick and they came back without being married. Some time ago the missionaries turned them over to us. We have been working with them. This past summer they went back to Romania again and this time they did get married. They returned a week ago. When we saw them this week we asked them if they would like to set a baptismal date. Now the father wants to think about it and make himself more pure before being baptised. He wants to stop some of his bad habits. We explained to him that he should not put it off and that once he is baptised and has the gift of the Holy Ghost it will be easier for him to work on his problems. He is now thinking about it. We hope that he will make the correct decision for himself and for his family.


Yvonne said...

I have not want to talk about your leaving because I can only imagine how hard it must be. I know the people there must love you both and appreciate so much the hard work you do. You have been such an amazing example to me.

I have appreciated so much the stories you have shared. They have strengthened my testimony.

Thank you.

The Church does make the world such a very small place.

Connie said...

It's got to be some mixed emotions knowing your time is quickly drawing to a close. What wonderful things you have done and lives you have touched.
What an example the Degrande's are! What a beautiful miracle baby!

Take care! May the Lord bless you in all your efforts.

I hope you're feeling better!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

There will always be some unfinished work, won't there? I know my son still feels like that- and he has almost been home a year. It has been so fun to see and read about your experiences in the field. My inlaws are talking about extending their mission at the Family History Center. My mother in law's sister and her husband are also serving there and they love it so much.

The Texas Bakers said...

I can't believe it's almost time for you to come home already! It seems as if the time has just flown.
I love reading about all the wonderful people you work with and teach.