Friday, September 17, 2010

Winding Things Down

I can't believe that our mission will be over in just a little over 2 weeks. At first the time seemed to go slowly, then it went faster and finally it just flew by. Now we can't even believe that day is over each evening and that the weeks are flying by. We are trying to wrap things up. We have area reports to submit to Frankfurt. We have reports to submit to the local authorities. I am typing out requested recipes to ward members and a whole lot of recipes to leave for the center of Young Adults. Brother and Sister Vanaquer requested them as she will be doing the cooking on Institute night, temporarily. They do not have a couple to replace us. We have suggested a few couples, but I guess the Stake Presidency is thinking about it. Nothing has been done as of yet. They are actually thinking of calling 3 local couples to run the center. We are sending in request form to the area in Frankfurt for magazines, supplies, and things like computers, WII, and other fun things for the JA's. Last night we had a very lengthy conference call with the Area to discuss center things and last night we had about an hour conference with the local leaders. I think that our young adult president Alexandre is awesome and has things very well under control. We are hopeful that the Center will continue running well and will grow and flourish. I'm quite certain that it will because the young adults that we have are really awesome young people. They have caught the vision of the Center. They attend themselves and they invite their friends to come too. Not all of them, of course, but that is normal in any group of people. I am also busy trying to arrange things to give away. We were counseled to have a 3 month supply of food while on our mission, just in case. Now we are trying to use things up and we are giving lots of things to Manu and Anne Louise and Florine and Reynaud. It's amazing how much "stuff" we have accumulated in just 2 short years. I am also getting together things that we need to take to the Center such as printer, pots and pans, crock pot, other kitchen appliances and other kitchen things, manuals, things on my memory stick, magazines, books, etc. etc. It is a lot of work. We are also giving away clothes and shoes that we no longer need or can't take because of the weight. It's just surprising how many things we had to buy such as CD player, scale, telephone, mixer, curling iron, blow dryer and other things that we will not be able to take.
As usual we had our district mtg on Tues. The elder were just "crazy" after we ate. Elder Lyman has a "very fun" game where you put whipping cream on your hand and then hit it with your other hand and try to catch the blob of flying whipping cream in your mouth. Of course, then you need to send it to your friend and see if he can catch it. Oh yes, they had a lot of fun with that one. Ha. Next time I will think twice before bringing cans of whipping cream. HAHA.

Sometimes you catch the cream with your face.

What a mtg for our brand new "blue" Elder Wozniak.

I made lasagna and jello, so, then there were also jello games. The missionaries were feeling their oats Tuesday.

I made pumpkin/chocolate chip cookies and Elder Kip was going to fight anyone who wanted to eat any. He was ready to keep them all because they are his favorite cookie.

Elder Rakotondrainibe our awesome pianist gave us a little concert. We love listening to him play. For some reason I am having trouble downloading the whole piece. The 2nd vidio didn't work and I can't download the Chopin piece which I love. Maybe later.

We are going to miss our dear missionaries. They have been so wonderful to work with.

Soeur Houts

Soeur Nielson

Of course we continue our teaching. We have taught quite a few lessons this week. Sadly, the Petrovici's from Romania have refused to be baptized even though they took 2 trips to Romania to get married in preparation for baptism. I hope they will change their mind soon and not listen to opposition.

Bashar continues to do well as are Dino and Larissa who now have a wedding date.
Bibische is also doing well although we had a cancelled mtg this week because her poor baby is sick.

We have also made visits to people that we need to say good bye too, members and non members alike.

Here is part of Rachmaninoff's Prelude Opus 25



Yvonne said...

Now that whipped cream game is MY KIND OF GAME.

It must be so difficult to pack things up. You have done such an amazing work.

I'm sorry to hear about the Romanian couple. I hope they change their minds.

Good luck getting everything together.

Safe travels. I know your family must be so excited that you are coming home.

The Texas Bakers said...

I can't believe it's almost over. I know they will miss you guys, probably almost as much as you will miss them. Will you come back to Texas at all?

utmommy said...

We are having a countdown here. Can't wait to see you!

Jay said...

Oh, my goodness. I can't believe you've almost completed your mission there. I feel a little sad (like I'm finishing my mission through you!), because I've just felt the spirit of your mission from what you've about these amazing people and the amazing things you've been able to do. Will you make a tour through our neck of the woods? Good luck getting everything where it needs to go.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Wow so soon. come home the same time as Zach? They will so miss you. ..I am so glad you were able toserve: ) you two are pretty special people.

allison nadauld said...

Only two more weeks! Yikes! That's really soon! Hope the end goes smoothly. Exciting.