Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chez Voyez

Last night we had another nice, very nice surprise. They Voyez invited us over for one last dinner, which was so delicious as usual. The Voyez have been members for a long time, but lately they have been having some very big trials. They were on the verge of going inactive although they never lost their testimony. Anyway, at the end of the dinner, she said that she had been thinking and thinking of what to do and then she decided to do a painting for us. She said that they are so grateful for our love and friendship and that because of us and what we have done for and said to them, they did not and will never go inactive. Oh the tears! are so grateful that we have been used by the Lord to help this fine family. I am so grateful that we listened to the spirit and went to visit them at just the right moment. The Lord loves His children and does not want to lose any of them.
I have had reaffirmed in my mind that every aspect of conversion that takes place between baptism and death is of equal importance as long as it contributes to the spiritual progression of the person. So then, reactivation is as important as baptism. I never want to forget the lost sheep.

It doesn't show in the painting, but there is a large stream of light shining through the window. Bernadette said that we were that light to them. We are touched and honored and thank the Lord for leading us and helping us to help them. I love the painting and I feel so honored that she spent her time and efforts painting it for us. Things are not easy for Bernadette because she suffers from MS.

Jean Jacques made a wonderful dinner. He is the best chef. He began the meal with the entree,
Flamiche au Marouille, a pie like crust with cheese on top. Maroille is a very stinky cheese that is very popular in France. You can always smell it cooking, but when you eat it, it tastes delicious. Too bad we can't bring cheese home. I would love to bring lots of French cheeses home with me.

The main course was Carbonnade Flamande, a special cut of beef (macreuse) which is then cooked in a slow oven with onions, special spices and other things for 3 1/2 hours. It is very tasty and very rich.
After that there was salad, a cheese plate, and ice cream for dessert. Oh my gosh, I was so full after that meal. I could not eat another bite. Even today I am still full.

Every day except Sundays Dh takes a run and walk. He wanted me to post a photo of him in his cold weather running outfit. Every morning he works on the name extraction program and has already extracted about 38,000 names, 20,464 since the mission. He is awesome. He never wastes any time. He is also one of the most intelligent men I know. The missionaries here call him the Wise Old Owl. They also call him the Eagle because at district meeting he once said, "If you want to rise and fly with the eagles in the morning, you cannot spend the night before with the turkeys." Ha! I am lucky to have such a great husband.

Here are a few photos I forgot to post before. Siobhan Garrett is a newly baptized JA at the masquerade. She is a rock and roll princess. Siobhan is 1/2 French and 1/2 Irish. Poor girl has so many problems and trials, but she is doing her best to overcome them and to live the gospel. Her Mum abandoned the children when she was very little and her Da is an alcoholic. Her boyfriend tried to commit suicide and is trying to blame her. That is just the beginning of her problems. We have spent many hours counseling her and trying to help her. She is actually doing quite well, considering.

A fun shot of Dh with Elder Kip and Ben Fahour with Remy sneaking into the picture.

Our dear Anne Louise. We love her lots.


utmommy said...

I love the picture of dad posing with the boys, hilarious!!

Yvonne said...

You two are so wonderful. You have helped so many people.