Monday, September 27, 2010

I Speak French

Dare I say that I speak French? I know I don't speak correctly and I certainly don't know all of the vocabulary or rules or pronunciation etc etc, BUT they can understand me and I can understand most of what they say. I know it's true because so many have told me that. When I say that I can only say a little, they protest and say, "but no, you speak very well. " I know they are being kind and very generous but I am glad. And, I am happy. Although it took me most of my mission or in fact all of my mission, I finally feel better about it.

Our time is almost up in Nord-Pas-De-Calais. We have spent a difficult, lots of work, but very rewarding time in France and in Belgium. We feel that we have been successful in our given assignment. We love the people oh so much and we are going to miss them oh so, so much. We especially love the wonderful youth of France. They are awesome and we will miss them. We love the area. We love France and Belgium. We hope and pray that our mission will be acceptable to the Lord and that He will be pleased with us. We hope that we have been a good example to our children and grandchildren, to our family, to our friends, and to all that we have come in contact with.

I want the world to know that I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I want everyone to know that they are two separate beings and that they do live today and that we can return to them and live with them some day too. I want people to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored church of God on earth today, restored through His prophet Joseph Smith. It is not a new church or just a church. It is The Church that was restored by Jesus Christ Himself as it was originally established in the days that He lived in Jerusalem. He, Jesus Christ, is the head of His church. It is directed by Him, through a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. It has 12 living apostles and a president, the prophet, and his two counselors. I know that the Book of Mormon is a true book. It was translated, not written, by Joseph Smith. Just as the Bible is a written account of the revelations received by the Lord's prophets in the old days, the Book of Mormon is a written account of the revelations that the Lord's prophets have received on the American continent. The earthly life of Christ is written about in the Bible. The Book of Mormon contains an account of the ministry of Jesus Christ on the American continent after His resurrection. These two books together testify of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. The purpose of this church is to teach people how to come closer to Christ and how to become Christ like. It teaches what they must do to return into His presence one day. It also teaches people how to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. I know these things are true because I have studied them out. I have prayed about it. I have received a witness that these things are true through the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that each person can find out the same things for himself, by this same method. All one has to do is read the Book of Mormon and then ask God to tell him if the book is true. If you ask with a real intent and a sincere heart, the Lord will answer you and you can know for yourself. I encourage everyone to do this. I know this will bless each and every person who does. I leave my testimony of these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ.


Yvonne said...


Thank you for sharing your testimony.

nikko said...

I was going to say: "You are awesome! Thank you for sharing your testimony" but then I saw that Yvonne said the same thing. :o)

But I mean it. You are awesome. And it has been so fun and uplifting to read of your adventures and work over in Europe.

Hopefully I will get to see you again someday when your mission is finished!

Jay said...

Thank you so much for your testimony now, and your "living" testimony as you've served so faithfully on your mission. I'm often telling my family about your wonderfully experiences, hoping to lift them as you've lifted me. Thank you! (I'd say that in French, but I can't speak French. So glad you've learned the language!)

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Beautiful testimony.

The both of you have always been a great example to everyone around you. :0)

Connie said...

How could our Heavenly Father not accept your efforts on your mission! You're beautiful inside and out and have blessed many people.
Thank you for sharing your testimony!

Take care!
See you soon!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...