Friday, September 24, 2010

Engagements and Babies

When the Apostle L. Tom Perry had the revelation that there should be Centers for Young Adults established in Europe, one of the goals was for there to be a place where the young men and women could meet others who had the same values and goals and to get married in the temple. This way they will have a marriage where Christ is at the center. They can establish eternal families and they can help spread the gospel in Europe. From these worthy young people will come the future leadership of the church in Europe.

We have been blessed to see this happen already in our center. Last year Anne Louise and Manu got married and are celebrating their one year anniversary tomorrow. Manu served a mission in England. In August
Myriam and Matthieu got married. Matthieu just recently got back from his mission. They are both students.

We now have 4 engaged couples. The first is Virginie and Alexandre. Their marriage will wait a bit because Alex was baptized this year and he wants to serve a mission first. Alex is a very successful business man and he will serve his mission beginning with July. Virginie is a university student who will also serve a mission about 6 months after Alex begins his. When they both return, they will be married.

Next are Clemence and Samuel. They just got engaged last week-end and will marry around February or March. Samuel is from Paris and is a civil engineer. He served his mission in France. Clemence is attending university. This couple met at an activity that we had at our center to which we invited the JA's from Paris.

The couple in front of the beautiful fall trees are Anne-Charlotte and Cyrille. He served a mission in England and is now working as a controller in hospitals. I'm not sure of the exact title, but he goes to different hospitals and checks to make sure everything there is working up to par. Anne-Charlotte graduated in June. She is an Occupational Therapist and had a job waiting for her before she even graduated.

Next is Rebecca. She is engaged to Jason, but I couldn't upload a picture of him for some reason. Jason is in the Army. They will marry sometime in January or February.

We have one other couple, Angelique and Christophe, who are also planning to get married soon. They are trying to straighten a few things out so that they too will be able to go to the temple.

I am so pleased for these couples. Each of them is so nice and a great examples to others. They are diligent, hard-working, and they love the Lord. It does my heart good to see them wanting to serve the Lord and to do things His way.

Yesterday after Opening of Institute for which I cooked, etc, we stopped by Anne- Louise and Manu's apt. We had more things that we wanted to take to them as I'm getting rid of all the stuff in the apartment that is ours, food, supplies, books, etc. They actually invited us to come. We didn't just drop in on them that late at night. When Manu saw that my apron was there he said, "Oh, that's the one you wore. You need to sign it for a memory." So, we both signed it and he modeled it for us.

Anne Louise had a very happy announcement for us. She told us that they are expecting a baby. In fact, they just had their first doctor appointment that evening. They are about 3 weeks along and they wanted us to know. Only their parents and a few close friends know, so we felt honored that they wanted to tell us right away. I kind of suspected that we would be hearing this wonderful news and had even mentioned it to Dh in the car, driving over there.
This young couple lives their life the way everyone should. They are the best.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Talk about the Fruits of your Labors- that is such a neat example of the blessings that come from following the counsel of the bretheren. I can't believe a couple is going to try to stay engaged and serve missions- hope it works out for them- that is awesome

Connie said...

My goodness, you will miss those wonderful people and they will miss you! Thank heavens for internet so you can keep in touch.

Isn't it wonderful to see the gospel spread throughout the world and to see the new converts embrace it and teach their family.

Yvonne said...

How wonderful to see all these couples come together.

Emmanuel said...

hey the arhets!!

hope you got home well. We will writte you soon, but i thought i'd let you know to mention somewhere that annelouise isnt pregnant anymre, we keep receiving messages and emails from people who read your blog and think we're still expecting our baby!! :)

we love you lots! byebye

Anne louise et Manu