Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marathon, Deboevers, FHE

Last Saturday our son A ran in the Top of Utah Marathon. He met both of his goals. One was to run under 4 hours and the other was to finish with his friends, the "Down and Dirty Over Thirty". He finished in 3:54:22. Wow! I think he's awesome. Besides that he is a wonderful son. He is kind and gentle, but firm in his beliefs. A is always very even tempered and I've only seen him get angry once. That was when one of his dogs snapped at his sister's baby. That dog was in huge trouble. He loves the Lord. He is a great husband and father and Young Men's President. He is an Eagle Scout. He was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force.
Can't resist a cute story from his childhood. When A was little if he ever had a cut or was hurt, he was so sad and didn't feel good at all. He would have to lie down on the couch and I would put a wet cloth on his little forehead. The sight of blood just made him feel really sick. Now he works in dermatology and does surgeries, looks at awful things, loved working in the ER etc.etc. The sight of blood and internal things does not bother him at all. I am blessed to have such a great son. He is the 2nd from the right in the top photo. The next photo is him recouping after the race and he is in the middle in the last photo.

This couple are Armand and Josianne Deboever. They are a very faithful couple in one of our wards. Armand was a Chief of Police for many years and he was one of the first Bishops in this area. Unfortunately they have 4 sons who are all struggling in the church. I feel so sad for them. They try so hard to be good examples and to do all they can for the boys. They are always doing nice things for everyone and they are always very helpful to everyone. We have been working a lot with 2 of their sons and their families the whole time we have been here. Both of them are coming back to church all the time now, but one of them has a non member wife and even though she comes to church all the time, she can't seem to make any commitments. We think she is getting much closer and pray that she will soon.

Before FHE we walked around the church neighborhood and spoke to people about the church. Most of them were not interested, but we had a couple of nice conversations One of them with 2 young Muslem girls in their twenties. They told us an interesting thing that I didn't know before. They said that the Muslem's believe that Jesus Christ has to return to earth before God (Allah to them) returns.
Last night at FHE we had only 1 JA. All of the rest had other things that had to be done. So the missionaries joined us. We had a nice lesson. It was all about trials and how the Lord will not give anyone more than he can withstand. What a blessing that it. I know we should be grateful for everything including our trials, but it is tough. Some trials are very difficult and very tough. We need to remain prayerful and thankful even through the most difficult of times.

Of course we had to take some silly pictures. It just wouldn't be a missionary photo session without some of those.

A few dance moves after the lesson to liven things up.

Elders always love to eat the treats. After all, who doesn't!


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I am not a runner- I am a good Runner supporter- good job to your son- does he live in Utah also? Several of my siblings and my mom even ran it once- have run in the Disney World Marathon- I stood and clapped, and brought ice packs-

I bet your feelings are torn- excited to get back to your family and all those new grandbabies- but leaving the mission is tough-

Thinking of you!

Yvonne said...

Congratulations to your son--wow. That is great.

Love the story about when he was young.

It is so difficult when our children make choices that pull them away. My heart goes out to the Deboever's. I'm glad you have been working with their sons. Hope they will continue coming.

I have to say it isn't easy for me to be grateful for trials.