Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mini Fete with Returned Missionaries and Girl's Night during Priesthood

Well, I found this adorable photo of Kenzie with Tal, so I thought I'd begin my post with those 2 cuties.
Saturday I had a little bar-b-que for some of the returned missionaries.  They came right after the first session and then we had hamburgers and hot dogs.  They were supposed to bring all the sides, but almost everyone forgot.  I told them all that they were in big trouble.  They were so cutely sorry and said they would invite me over next time and I wouldn't have to cook anything.  I think that's a pretty good deal.  Well anyway, John and Brady drove to Wally world and bought chips, dips, watermelon, cookies and a few other goodies.  I had already made a huge peach dessert.  Val came to the rescue and quickly made potato salad.  We had plenty of food.  We ate and had fun reminiscing.  Then we all watched the afternoon session.  Of course after conf. we had to play a few rounds of Loups Garu. 
Here are a few photos after several of the guest had already gone home.
I absolutely loves conference.  It is always such an uplifting time to listen to the wonderful talks and to hear our leaders and the apostles and the prophet speak.   When the prophet announced that the burned down Tabernacle in Provo would become a temple, everyone was sooooooo excited.  It just feels right.  It probably didn't have quite the same effect on people who don't live in or near Provo, but it was such a great announcement for many of us.  It was so sad when the Tabernacle burned down and now we have such exciting news.  The first Provo Temple is always so busy, especially because all of the MTC and BYU and UVU students go there.  This new temple will be great and will provide a great service.   Then to top it off Pres. Monson announced a temple in Paris.  It was a very emotional moment for me.  I knew that the temple would be announced soon, but the actual moment was very exciting.  I know the people in France are rejoicing and I'm sure they jumped for joy when they heard the news.  I know many a tear was spilled.  When we were still there, on our mission and awaiting conference all the people could talk about was a temple being built in France.  When the announcement didn't come, they were so disappointed and so sad.  Now they are probably all partying.  Of course we are thrilled for the other temples to be built too.
That evening while the men went to Priesthood, Andrea had a little girl's night.  Dani and Dani and Sierra came over and we all had dinner together and then watched a movie and just talked.
The cute babies played and played.

When Papa came home from Priesthood, he had some very interesting things to share with us.  Dani and Tatum listened very carefully.

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Yvonne said...

How fun for you to get together with your missionaries. I'm sure it was great fun for all of you.

I was so excited when President Monson announced about them building the new Provo Temple where the Tabernacle was--that is so wonderful. And, I think it is so wonderful that there will be a temple in Paris.

I loved Conference, too. We are so blessed to be able to hear our leaders.