Thursday, October 20, 2011


 As usual, I've been soooo busy.  There is always something to do.  I made those 3 pairs of pants smaller for Jose.  Then I made the apron for Val for her Witches week-end.
 This adorable little guy came to visit with his parents.  Their trip from Oceanside, Ca was wonderful, but too, too short.

Some of us went to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point.  It was really a lot of fun, especially for the kids.  Above are Anna with Joneaux, JaNee and Dani with Tatum.  What a lucky Mommy, Grandma, and Great-grandma I am.
 First we ate dinner at a little cafe there and then we found out we could have gotten all kinds of yummy food at the Cornbellys place.  We decided that next year we will go again and indulge in all the fast foods that looked and smelled so good.

 We had to wait in line for quite a little while and meanwhile Amadeo helped all of us get a discount by buying our tickets online.  He is Mr. Technology along with Anna so whenever they come they fix all of my technological "stuff" and Anna gives me a lesson on how to do more things on my Mac and my iphone.  She also often gives me technological support over the phone.  I really appreciate that.

 There were lots of fun things for the kids to do.  There was a dress up place with this wonderful Cinderella castle.  Of course, everyone had to have a turn.

 This photo is so dark, but I loved the little Tinker-belle at the top of the castle.

 There were horsies to ride.

 There were tons of blow up bouncy houses and slides.
There were pig races, several mazes, trampolines, face painting, a house full of corn to wallow in and get your clothes full of corn kernels, and lots of other attractions.  We decided that next year we will go earlier in the day so that we can see everything better and also spend more time.

 After we got home. JaNee made these delicious apple pastries.  She just whipped them out and they were gone almost as soon as they were done.
 Can you tell that these two cuties got along just fine.  :)


utmommy said...

I wish I could've seen Anna more too!

Yvonne said...

You always stay so busy.

Looks like a fun place. Glad you were able to have fun times with the family--even if for just a short time.

Hope you are enjoying your Mac.

Connie said...

My daughter and her family went to CornBelly's on Thursday and they stayed for 7 hours!!It must be a fun place.

Looks like you guys had fun. You're quite a seamstress! You really have been busy.

We still need to get together! When will time ever slow down a bit?