Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reggie's Utah 1st Birthday Party

Em and her family had to leave for California, so Talia got to be the first one to try out the bouncy house. 

I'm pretty sure she loved it and we loved watching her.
My fall decorations were up and we were ready for a big shindig for Reggie's 1st birthday.

Handsome Reggie with his Dad getting ready to great the guests.

Flavia and I are the two happy grandmas.

Dani and Sierra were ready to celebrate too.

Reggie's little 6 yr old cousin from Brazil loved to hold him and play with him the whole time.

Andrea made yummy cupcakes.

Our pretty Dani is always so much fun to be around.
These are Brazilian cheese balls and boy are they good.  Andrea and Flavia made a ton of them and they all disappeared very quickly.
Cohen, Sam, and Erica on top and Mike and Dani below.
Andrea with a lot and lot of help from Diogo and his Mom made a ton of yummy Brazilian food.  The dish above is called Farofa.

Little Tatum loves parties.  She is a cute, active little party girl.

There were lots of guests with lots of babies.  Yoho's grandma and aunt and the aunt's little granddaughter came from Brazil and that is one of the reasons they had the party a few months after Reggie's actual birthday.

This un-welcome guest was in our tree.  I had one of the boys capture it so that I could show it to Michael, my entomologist son. He knew right away what kind of spider it was, but I have already forgotten the name.  When he was just a little boy, he already knew all about many, many insects.
One time when he was about 5, he came home with a baby food jar full of sand.  He proceeds to dump it out on my counter and tells me to look for the Ant Lion.  I had never heard of an Ant Lion.  "Just wait, Mom"  he says.  "It will come out looking for food."  Sure enough a few minutes later the tiniest little insect does come out of a little volcano that it made in the sand.  I was surprised and asked him how he knew about it.  "Oh, I read about them in my insect encyclopedia." was his reply.

Another time he has me go to the backyard to look at his "pet spider".  We walk into the backyard and he catches a fly out of the air with his hand.  We walk up to a broken brick and he holds the fly above the crack in the brick.  Sure enough a spider comes up and he lets go of the fly.  The spider catches the fly and there you are, a pet spider.

Once when he was a teen-ager he shows me a jar full of (seems like hundreds of newly hatched spiders).  Turns out they were baby black widow spiders.  He had another "pet".  I was horrified.  I did not want baby black widows all over.  I mercilessly froze them.
Pao De Queijo     and       Cochinha  both very delicious.
Feijoada in the crock pot is a black bean dish with baby ribs, sausage, and bacon.  I really liked this bean dish a lot and plan to learn how to make it.

Of course, every birthday boy needs cake.
First he wanted to play with the fire.
Then he clapped for the birthday song or I should say songs since he had the traditional Happy Birthday and then the Brazilian birthday song.

He actually blew the candle out.
And then ate the cupcake.
Miss Tatum could hardly wait for the singing to be over.  I did see her sneak some little tastes of yellow frosting with her tiny fingers while the singing was going on.

These little chocolate and strawberry balls are traditional and delicious.  Andrea and Flavia made them too.

My son Michael came after helping someone move all day, so he was in his work clothes.  That was just fine with us.

Lots  of presents were opened and everyone shared the toys.  All in all it was a very successful 1st Birthday Party.  Happy Birthday Reggie.  We love you.


Yvonne said...

Looks like quite the birthday celebration. The food all looks so yummy.

You have such a cute family, natalie.

Love the stories about your "insect" loving son ; ) WOW.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

We have loved most of the brazillian food we have tried also- best when prepared by the true brazillians- feijuada is pretty tasty although I have yet to learn how to make it. I need to have my friend teach me that next.

From what I hear, birthdays are big deals in Brazil- looks like you had a fun party.

Nancy Face said...

What a super fun post! The party looks like SOOO much fun, and such yummy exciting food, too!

I like all your fall decorations! We just dragged the Halloween stuff out of the attic yesterday - I usually like having it done by the first of October, so we're late, ha!

I can't even BELIEVE the crazy spider stories, especially the hundreds of baby black widows. I would have died! EEEK!!!