Monday, October 31, 2011

Night At The Museum

The Bean Museum in Provo held a Night At The Museum that some of us went to.  It was fun for the little people.  They had to follow clues around the museum and got a prize at the end of the treasure hunt.    They had some little crafts and then they had a show with some "scary animals". 

This little duck had to have some milk for energy to go on the treasure hunt.

Jose wanted pictures of the Liger, a rather unusual animal.

Checking out the signs.

Tinker Belle was a good little artist.

Sierra came too, but she and Ang went off and I never got a photo of her.  J was able to come for a little while and then she was off the be Mom for FHE.  She is loving BYU and doing great.  Next semester she will be going off to Romania for a study abroad and work at an orphanage.

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