Friday, October 28, 2011

Andrea's Halloween dinner/pumpkin carving

 This pretty fall scene is taken from our back deck.  I love all the fall leaves.

 Andrea had a little Halloween dinner, pumpkin carving activity.  I couldn't go because I was doing interviews for visiting teaching.
 Sierra and little Reggie were so cute.

 I did get to eat some of the dinner in a pumpkin and it was delicious.    Andrea went to a lot of work to make lots of good things to eat and fun things to do such as cookie decorating for the little kids and candy games.

 Emma and Jenna are always lots of fun.

 Here's our pretty princess.
 She and her little cowboy friends got to play and play.

 I think they had fun carving pumpkins.  Unfortunately some of the invitees couldn't attend.

It was so neat to see the pumpkins lit up when I drove into the driveway late that night.


Connie said...

You sure got a lot of pictures for not being there! Sounds like you're keeping your self busy with Relief Society.

Cute pumpkins and cute kids! It's good they saved you some dinner!

utmommy said...


Yvonne said...

Everyone looks very, very cute. I miss having kids around to take pictures of. ENJOY ; )

I will carve my pumpkin tomorrow.