Monday, October 24, 2011

Elder Bertrands Visit

 Friday evening I got a phone call from one of my very favorite returned missionaries, Elder Bertrand.  Adam lives in Ok and was coming to Utah for 2 days.  He wanted to know if he could come and see us. Of course he could come.  He invited a few of our missionaries and they all came over for Sunday dinner.  I made Taco Soup with all the trimmings, green salad, and I just bought a big cake cause I've been kinda tired.
 We took pictures and as usual we had to have a crazy one too.  Here they are: Joshua Cabrera, Jeffrey Valenza, Abbey Carson, Gregory Scott, Adam Bertrand, Andrew Schmutz, and John.
 Elder Bertrand said, "Sister Arhets, I don't remember you being that short."  I am not short I said and they just laughed.  My grandkids are always measuring their height agains mine too.  It's a big deal to get taller than grandma.
 Oh my goodness, we had a great time.  It's so much fun to talk when you have experiences in common.  We talked about so many things, events, people on the mission, returned missionaries (who's doing what? who's gotten married? babies?  what are some of our baptized people doing?)  We just had a ball.

 Then they asked me if I knew that 2 of the Elders had written a play and actually acted it out with me as one of the main characters.  No, I didn't know that.  In one of the wards there was a sister, R.S. president actually, who was kind of mean.  Really she was quite mean, especially to some of the missionaries. I don't know what was wrong with her or why.  Unfortunately she has since gotten divorced and has left her 2 little boys (3 and 5) with her ex.   Anyway, these 2 Elders wrote a play that was Harry Potter like.  Luckily I was Sister Good and the other sister was Sister Evil.  Apparently they had swords and shields, fighting and all sort of things.  Good won over evil and all the spectators enjoyed the play.  HaHa

We talked about some very funny things and also some very tender times when the gospel was taught and the spirit was so strong.  We even shed some tears in remembering these tender moments.

I know that Heavenly Father sent us specifically to that mission at that time to accomplish some of His work with His children.  I specifically remember Hayerie and Vasil.  They came to France and were found by Elder Bertrand and his companion.  They began teaching them by showing them the Book of Mormon in Bulgarian and the Elders pointing to certain scriptures and Vasil reading them out-loud to his wife who is blind.  They were learning and progressing, but very slowly.  Then just a few weeks later we moved to that area and it was discovered that Hayerie could speak Russian.  I began teaching them and as you know if you have read my blog, they got baptized and then went to the temple.  Her hopes for surgery to regain her eyesight did not come to pass.   But instead of being mad or sad, she said that she realized that she had to come to France not to get light in her eyes, but to get the light of the gospel in her life.  This awesome young couple embraced every concept we taught them and immediately put it into their lives.  I was remembering how I taught them about tithing and the very next week they came with their 2 euros and every week after that they always brought there tithing to church with them.  Adam remembered that when he first tried to teach them this concept, he accidentally showed them the wrong verse and taught them that they had robbed God instead of teaching about tithing. He felt really badly because they became so upset.  They did not want to rob God.  HaHaHa. We can laugh about it now.  When they finally had to leave France because their visas were expiring she said,  "We really love France and want to stay, but now we have to leave.  But, I am not upset or mad.  We are going back to Bulgaria and we are going to teach all of our family and everyone we know.  We are going to be great missionaries. "  And they are doing just that.  A few weeks after they left, our time was up and we left too.  It was not an accident that we were there almost the whole time they were because I was their needed translator.  They were blessed because they found the gospel and the church and I was blessed because of their great example and their love and friendship.  The Lord knows what He is doing.  Oh how she cried when Bertrand went home.  "My Bertrand, I will never see you again in this life." she sobbed.  After that, she always remembered him in her prayers.  We also had a very tearful farewell.  It's amazing how much you grow to love people through the bonds of Jesus Christ.

These awesome young returned missionaries are all doing well.  They're studying and working and still keeping up their good habits, morals, etc.  It was great for me to see how well they're coming along.  I will always love them and I'm sooo glad that they love me too.  I know they do because they tell me.  What a blessing for us to have met them and worked so closely with them.

Oh what a wonderful time we had on our mission and what wonderful, lifelong friends we have made.  I am a blessed woman.

 They asked John to play his harmonica for them and he did.  That was lots of fun too.

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Yvonne said...

I remember reading about Hayerie and Vasil on your blog. Their faith and commitment was so amazing.
It was so wonderful to read it again. Thank you for sharing it.

It is so great that Elder Bertrand came to visit. So fun that you all have kept in touch.

You and your husband are so great. Sure do appreciate your wonderful examples and your faith and testimony.

Love you.