Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Michael

36 years ago I gave birth to my 3rd child.  Michael was our second son and he was born on labor day, Sept 1, 1975.  In the top photo he's at the beach with his beautiful wife and the lower photo is of him with Dad and his brother Alec.
Oh my goodness, I was so excited when he came into our family.  He was a darling little blonde bundle of LOVE.  Michael was a very curious little boy.  He was always so observant and wanted to know everything.  He was a great teen-ager and has grown into a wonderful man.  He has always been enterprising and self-reliant.  As a kid he was always making money one way or another.  One of his first jobs was a newspaper boy which he did with Alec and his Dad.   At a paper throwing contest at Magic Mt. he won a bond for $100.00  Not bad for a little kid of about 11.  He had a gardening business which he ran and hired other boys to work under him.  He was very fair to the customers, but also made sure his boys did a good job.  He would also take the boys on hiking and outdoor adventures which they enjoyed a lot.  In fact, many of the boy's Moms would tell me how much they appreciated that Michael would take their sons because they would have an adventure, but then Michael would tell them stories from the scriptures and compare them to some the awesome young men  from the scriptures such as the 2,000 stripling warriors from The Book of Mormon.  He always told them that they should use those young men as an example.  He once has me take him to a turkey farm and picked out just the right pheasant.  He fattened up the pheasant and one day he went hunting with his dog, a rifle and the pheasant.  What the pheasant didn't know was that he was to be the hunted.  He came  home from that hunt and made fishing flies out of some of the feathers and sold them to fishermen.  He sold each of the wings to dog trainers to use for training their hunting dogs. He went out on party boats and worked helping the older people bait their hooks and other fishing things.  He started working at The Outdoorsman and one of his tasks was to help the Taxidermist.  Before long he became an unofficial apprentice and learned how to do taxidermy.  He sold several of his projects to the Outdoorsman for display purposes.  He was always doing interesting things.
I love my boy who is now a man but will really always be my boy.  I pray that all of Heavenly Fathers choicest blessings will to be upon him some day.  Happy Birthday Michael.


Connie said...

Happy Birthday to Michael. He sounds like a great man!

Yvonne said...

I agree with Connie-he sounds like a great man. He was so creative. What does he do for a living today?

I always love your stories, Natalie. The love you have for your children and your grandchildren always comes through--it is so wonderful.