Friday, September 9, 2011

Tatum's B'day Party

 My very first granddaughter had a birthday party for her very first little daughter.  It was held at the park and all of the guests were little people.  Her other grandparents and we got to attend too.  Justin Beber, as you can see, was the guest of honor and lots of the Mommies took pictures with him.  Tat is crazy about Justin and she and her Mommy watch him and dance to his music all the time.
 Auntie Sierra and Auntie Jenna got to come and help supervise.
 Everyone got to make a necklace out of fruit loops or some similar cereal.  It reminded me of one of the projects my Kindergarten class did on 100 day.  Did I ever mention that K was my favorite grade to teach.  I JUST LOVED it.
 Ang was Reggie and Tal's helper.  Actually, she always helps everyone and is always concerned that everyone has a good time.

 There's Mommy Dani in green, her favorite color.

 Tat's Dad, Greg, had his hands full of 2 very busy little girls.

 It's so hard and so much fun to blow out two candles.
 She did it.
Cupcakes are just the right size to eat and enjoy.  What a fun party.

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Yvonne said...

What a fun party. Such great helpers. LOL about Justin Bieber ; ) And, by the way, I agree--CUPCAKES ARE PERFECT.