Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When we were in Northern California in Aug, we couldn't not go down to Oceanside to visit our sweet Anna and her family.  So, we happily took the long drive down.  We had a wonderful visit with our dear family that we miss so much.  Our visit was so much fun, but oh sooo, soooo short.  I just am so sad that we live so far apart.  

One evening we went to visit the Mormon Battalion Monument.  It is actually not just a monument, but a large building (kinda like a museum).  It has been recently renovated and there is an interesting tour that recounts much of the history

Baby Joneaux loved looking and climbing on everything.   We loved looking at and playing with him.

He is such an adorable little guy.  He is so interested in everything.  He is sweet and loving and the best little guy.

I could just eat up that sweetness!

He looks soooooo much like his Mommy with the build of his Dad.  Such a winning combination!

I don't know how the pioneers ever crossed the plains and went west in such tiny wagons.  They endured so many hardships and were so faithful and courageous.  "Blessed, honored pioneers"


Yvonne said...

It is so very hard when family is far away. So glad you had a chance to go and visit--even if it was a short visit.

I'm so grateful for the pioneers.

Connie said...

How wonderful that you could spend some time with your family. It's hard to be away when there are little ones who grow so quickly.

It looks like a great museum. It's good to learn more about our heritage.

utmommy said...

So rude that we live so far away:(