Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sunday after we came home from church, Emily came rushing up from the basement saying that something was leaking downstairs.  I hurried down and found water pouring our of the hot water heater. The entire hallway and 2 of the bedrooms are soaked.  Of course John was just leaving to make some visits to his Sunday School class students and I couldn't catch him on time.  Luckily Andrea and Yoho were just coming home from their camping trip.  Yoho hurried and was able to shut off the water.  That was just the beginning of an unwanted adventure.  I called our home warranty company because flooding is considered an emergency. However, because we still had cold water they no longer considered it an emergency.  Monday morning I had to call the insurance company 4 times before the they finally called a plumber although each time they told me they would do it.  The plumber came and said that it definitely was our water heater broken from the inside.  However, there is also an expansion tank above the regular one.  The home warranty insurance would not cover that.  In fact, if that tank was the cause of the problem, the home insurance would not cover it either.  After several phone calls it was determined that it water tank would be covered.  So, we had to pay for the aux. tank.  Then we had to pay to have the water softener moved and then put back and we also had to pay a fee to have the old tank moved and taken away.  All of this was an extra $250.00.  Today the restoration guy came and tore up the carpet, set up the fans to dry it,  removed the padding, ripped off the baseboards, and did several other things to try to dry up, clean up, and prevent mold from forming.  I had several more phone calls from the insurance people an now am waiting for an appraiser to come.  What a hassle.  It took many hours and it has just begun.  This will probably take 4 days to dry.  Meanwhile Ang and Em and their families have to move out of their rooms.   What a mess!!!!!!!!!  Also we have a $1,000 deductible.  I'm not too happy about that because I was saving that money to buy a piano.  Oh well, I guess the piano will have to wait.
Last week we had to have our garage door mechanism replaced.  That took 4 visits from the repair men.

Last week I also bought a BBQ grill.  Val went to pick it up to bring to us and the guys dented it trying to load it up into her suburban.  I guess that's 3 things now.  I'm ready for some smooth sailing now.

The photo above is not mine.

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Yvonne said...

Sometimes living in a tent somewhere doesn't sound like a bad idea does it.

I'm so sorry you have had to deal with all of this. I get so frustrated when I have to make call after call after call to get something done.