Monday, September 19, 2011

Kristie and Cody

Thursday was the wedding of one of our returned missionaries.  Cody is an awesome young man and he served a great mission.  He worked with us at the Young Adult Center and was always very helpful.  We love him and were so happy to attend his wedding to Kristie. They got married at the Draper Temple and then had the reception at beautiful The Woods on ninth.  Everything was so nice and we are so happy for this wonderful young couple.

The candy table was cute.  Each different candy was a favorite of someone;
President and Sister Staheli came too and we were so GLAD to see them.  They have been home for 2 months now.  We had such a great visit with them.  They also just had a water heater burst just like us and have been dealing with a flood just like we have.  They did pay us a most wonderful compliment too.  After we left our mission there was no couple to replace us to run the Young Adult Center.   After a while the Pres asked the Stake President if they now wanted to have another couple assigned to their area.  Their answer was no they did not want anyone else except us.  They went on to say that the center was set up so well and everyone trained so well that now they didn't need anyone else.  That is a great thing for us to hear.  We are so happy that the Center is up and running as it should be.  What a wonderful result for our labors.  We couldn't be more pleased.
As a side note we now have 3 more young adults with mission calls.  One young lady is going to Salt Lake Temple Visitors Center.  Another is going to Canada.  One young man is going to Africa.  A few others are getting ready.  Sooooooooo exciting.

I loved the Wedding Cake.  So pretty.

The entrance.

Sat. we went to our neighbors daughter's wedding, but it was raining and I forgot my camera.  We didn't know the young couple, but their parents are in our ward do we wanted to go to support them.

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Yvonne said...

Weddings are so wonderful. It is always great to see young couples begin their lives together.

Love the cake.