Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 I've probably written about Alexandre, but he's so awesome that I must write about him again.

Alexandre was taught by the missionaries and he studied the gospel for about a year.  He was already a University graduate at the time and was working for a company that was owned by some young brothers   who just happened to  be Latter-day Saints.  In fact one of those brothers became the Bishop of Lille Ward while we were there and the oldest one became the Stake President shortly before we left our mission.  Anyway, Alexandre was very impressed with the life style of these men.  They were hard workers. They lived a good clean life not smoking or drinking, but they also had a ton of fun.  They liked to play and enjoy life. They had a great sense of humor.   They also answered lots of questions that Alex posed to them.  They never pushed him or were negative with him.  When he asked specific gospel questions they answered him in a straightforward, non apologetic way. They told him the truth.  Alex studied and pondered and prayed and he was shown the truth.  He wanted to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Alexandre is an awesome guy.  He is a very bright, handsome, hard-working, kind guy.  He had been a smoker and a drinker as are most Frenchmen, but he gave that all up.  He also was in a relationship with a girl.  He told his girlfriend that she should learn about the church and study the gospel that it was so great and would be such an asset to her.  She refused and in fact told him that he would have to pick between her and the church.  Alex told her that he would pick the church.  Alex was baptized and has been a very faithful member.  He participated in all activities and soon became the president of the Institute which calling he faithfully and wonderfully fulfilled.

When Alex started attending Institute most of the young women wanted him for a boyfriend.  He was that nice and fun to be with.  The young men all liked him too and befriended him right away. This great group of youth had a great time together.  Now, among this group of young women was one Virginie.  She was the girl all the boys wanted for a girlfriend.  Virginie is pretty, smart, and nice and of course everyone likes her.  Not too much time passed before Virginie and Alex started going out together and pretty soon they fell in love.  BUT Alex told Virginie he needed to go on a mission.  The following day Virginie gave him a present----- Preach My Gospel a wonderful book that explains the gospel plan and teaches people how to be good missionaries .  Their plan was for him to go on his mission.  6 months after he goes she will go on a mission and they will return about the same time.  Then they will be married.  I love their story.  I love that they are both so faithful.  I love that they will be married for time and all eternity.

Several months ago Alexandre was called to serve a mission in Australia.  We and all of his friends and especially Alex are soooooooooo excited.  He will be an awesome missionary.
 These returned missionaries did lots of good, hard work.  Alex often went with them on splits.
 We had too short of a visit because we needed to go home and have JoJo's Birthday party.  We loved seeing Alex and the other returned missionaries.  The guys went on to take a quick tour of Salt Lake Temple Square and then they went out to dinner.  After that Alex had to report to the MTC.  I later got the report that they had a great time at dinner.  Alexandre was so surprised that he could have refillable drinks.  He was also so surprised at the huge portions that were served.   Just right for a hungry boys, don't you think?  I remember how much those young men loved to eat. :)
 Cameron has been sending him Youtube clips of Steve Irwin so that he can practice his "Australian" Ha!

 Alex said that he will be the first missionary to baptize kangaroos.  HaHa.  We all laughed.  He said he's going the be the animal missionary.  Ha Ha again.  In fact he is one of the first French missionaries from France and he's so excited for that.  
Oh my, but we loved our missionaries.  Here I am with returned Elders Brody Carpenter, Alex, Cameron Harper, and Mike Clauson.   They were the best.  We had sooooo much fun with them.  They are such fine young men and are continuing being awesome.


Connie said...

Natalie, I'm sure the feelings were mutual. The missionaries loved you too!
This story of Alexandre is a great success story. How many lives will he change along the way because of his diligence and love for the Savior? I can understand why the girls at institute wanted him for a boyfriend!

Yvonne said...

Wow--what a wonderful story. I so love to hear stories like that. He will have such a great mission. I hope you will write about it when Virginie goes on her mission. (I'm so touched that she would give him a copy of Preach My Gospel--that says a lot about her)

Isn't it wonderful to watch lives change and people grow. LOVE IT.